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Step Motor with 300mm T8 Leadscrew for 3D Printer


Doppler RADAR Motion Sensor 3.2GHz


4-20mA Current Loop Signal Generator


12 Volt Adapter Power Supply, 3A


12VDC, 500 RPM Gearhead Motor


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12 Volt Power Supply, 12.5A, 150W, Hengfu


5 Volt DC Plug Power Supply, 4A, Regulated


Pack of 3 - USB Adapters with 5VDC @ 4A Plug Supply


24 Volt Power Supply, 6.5A, 150W, Hengfu


LM2596 Step Down Adjustable 1.5-37V DC/DC Converter


View All Shields, Sensors, Servos, Controllers & Compatibles

Serial 2 X 16 LCD Display for Arduino


Arduino UNO Compatible Starter Kit


Digital Temperature Controller FAHRENHEIT


Digital Temperature Controller, Celsius


Arduino Pro Mini Enhanced Microcontroller with Bootloader


View All Switches, Electronic

SPDT Lighted Pushbutton Switch, Momentary, 12V Red LED


SPST-N.O. Push Button Switch, Polished Metal


SPST-NO Pushbutton Switch Set, Dome Top, 6 Colors


SPST On-Off Toggle Switch, 4A


Safety Cover for Full Size Toggle, Red


View All Electronic Enclosures & Boxes

5.9in X 3.8in X 2.1in Plastic Instrument Case


Aluminum Cabinet, 115 X 51.6 X 169mm Red


Extruded Aluminum Box with End Plates 4-1/16" x 2-9/16" x 1-3/8"


Rack Mount Case, ABS Plastic, 1U


3.15in X 2.17in X 0.98in Die Cast Aluminum Box


View All LED Displays

5M White LED Light Strip, 12VDC, IP65


5M Blue LED Lighting Strip, 12V


20 Module string, 72 Lumen Light Modules


5M Medium White LED Lighting Strip, 12VDC, Indoor/Outdoor


1000 Lumen 10 Watt Super Bright, Cool White LED Module


Covid-19 Update:

Local Store:
Our Local Store is OPEN for business. (Note: we are no longer open on saturdays) You can browse through our Store, but we do ask that you wear a mask and observe social distancing. You may also PHONE your order in or place your order ONLINE for pickup. Please call when you arrive at our store and we will serve you for curb side pickup. Thank you.

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