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How to Use a Solderless Breadboard
Written By: John R. Sewell

Scientific Notation is the short hand of engineers to compact large & small numbers. Most basic is the power of ten that we use electronics such as “milliamps” or mA, Kohms etc. Current, Voltage, Resistance, Inductance and capacitance all use this computational method to describe readings. No one says “I’m reading Point zero zero zero zero zero three amps” (.000003) we say “3 micro amps”.

As you can observe, the exponent is the number of places either side of the decimal point.
1 Tera (T)1X10121,000,000,000,000
1 Giga (G)1X1091,000,000,000
1 Meg (M)1X1061,000,000
1 Kilo (K)1X1031000
1 Hecto1X102100
1 Deka1X10110
1 deci (d)1X10-1.1
1 centi (c)1X10-2.01
1 milli (m)1X10-3.001
1 micro (u)1X10-6.000001
1 nano (n)1X10-9.000000001
1 pico (p)1X10-12.000000000001
1 femto (f)1X10-15.000000000000001

1000 meters (M) = 1KM = 1 kilometer
1200,000,000 Bytes = 1.2GB= 1.2 Giga bytes
.000000000001 Farad= 1pF (Pico Farad) = .001nF (nano Farad)= .000001uF (micro Farad)
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