Variable Frequency/Width Pulse Generator

Variable Frequency/Width Pulse Generator
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Variable frequency & Pulse Width Generator module with back lit LCD Display.
Simple source of test pulses.
4 P B switches used to set the Frequency and Duty Cycle,
Short press for single unit increase or decrease
Long press for rapid increase or decrease
Auto save prevents setting loss due to power fail.
Power: 3.3 ~ 30V;
Frequency range: 1Hz ~ 150KHz; auto switching
A: 1-999Hz Resolution 1Hz (Display 123) no decimal)
B: 1KHz-9.99KHz Resolution 10Hz ( Display 1.23)
C: 10KHz-99.9KHz Resolution 100Hz (Display 12.3)
D: 100KHz-~150KHz Resolution 1KHz (Display 1.2.3)
Duty Cycle ~0-99%
Accuracy: ~ 2%;
Max Output Current: <30ma;
Output Voltage: ~Vcc
Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +50 "C"
Connections: 0.1" pitch Solder Pads
L: 2-1/16" W: 1-1/4" T: 3/8" WT: .06

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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screen illuminated with all characters then burned out
When I powered this unit on with 5V, the screen illuminated with all characters. I was tempted to return it, but the MPJA return policy makes that a waste of time. The unit did at least produce a variable frequency ... at first, but a few hours later it burned out entirely
- Kevin Howard, GA
A Precise and Practical Test Instrument
So far, I have used 2 out of the three I ordered. 100% just right! Frequency and duty-cycle are right on, as confirmed by my 6.5 digit multimeter. You do need some finesse to mount it, though. Great addition to my lab.
34758 TE
Output voltage tracks the power supply voltage. With power supply at 5V peak voltage is 5 volts with a 45ns rise and 7ns fall as measured on a 500MHz scope. With power supply at 15V the peak output voltage is 15 volts with a rise of 53ns and a fall of 12ns.
- Bob, NC
Excellent Accuracy
Excellent square-wave generator at twice the price or more! All specs verified in our telecom shop. Below 200Hz the wave is not very square but has good edges. Usable duty cycle 10 - 90%. Rise time ~500ns. Nice looking display