USB Voltage & Current Monitor, Single Display

USB Voltage & Current Monitor, Single Display
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Detailed Description

Charge monitor Cell phone, tablet, Pad, as well as mice, external drives etc. that plug into a computer USB Port or wall charger with USB connector. Single USB Type A Male plug on 4” cable for input. 2 Output USB Female Type A ports. Current displayed is total for both Ports
Input Voltage: 3.2~10V Charger/Port dependant
Display 3 Digit Red LED, .39" characters
2 selectable Modes:
APP for ipad/iphone/samsung
UNI for phones/tablets/USB devices
Button Select display:
u: Voltage
A: Current
C: Accumlative Charge/Capacity
uA: Alternates Volts/Amps
uAC: Alternates Volts/Amps/Capacity
uC: Alternates Volts/Capacity
AC: Alternates Amp./Capacity
Current Available: >3A, Charger Dependant
Port I: QC2.0 Universal port with both Data transfer and charging. For use with original device chargers. Also supports Apple IPad, IPhones & Samsung S4 High current chargers
PortII: Charging Port only no Data transfer.
Special for Apple IPad, IPhones & Samsung S4 High Current Chargers with 2.1A or more. For use with original and replacement high current USB device chargers.
L: 3-1/4” W:T: 9/16” WT: .06

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Defective LED display
Although MPJA illustrated with an easily legible 3-digit 7-segment display-- on the sample I was sent, the middle, horizontal segment does not light-up in/for any digit. A just decipherable 6-segment display, but it appears to work. One can find less costly units I have found somewhat more reliable.
Very Useful
A useful device to have. Ive used it to find the current draw of a few odd USB-powered computing modules. The pigtail cable makes it very easy to turn so you can read the display.
- Robert Wood, AL
Very useful tester.
Buy this tester and youll find out why some chargers charge your phone or tablet slower than others. A lot of chargers are VERY overrated. Some by 20%. This thing is worth its weight in gold.
- William Justic, IL
great little USB charge tester
I was just expecting the standard volt and current monitor. But this one has something extra. It also keeps track of the total amp-hours of charge. There was a tiny button that was on the top of the case nearest the upper right of the display, and by pressing this button various display modes could be engaged. These are the simple alternating Volts/Amps, or Volts/Cumulative charge, or Amps/Cumulative charge, or even all three Volts/Amps/Cumulative charge. These modes are indicated on the 7 segment display with bottom-most three segments u for volts, A for amps and C for cumulative charge. I tested the cumulative charge up to 5.006 Amp Hours and the display could handle up to 9.999, but I dont know what would happen if one goes beyond that point. Each item displayed is shown for five seconds before moving on to the next.
neal s