Talking Digital Multimeter

Talking Digital Multimeter
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Not recommended for the visually impaired

Talking, High tech. 10 function, Backlit, 3-1/2" digit hand held meter with 1" LCD display.
True RMS/Average Measurement Selection
9V battery not included, test leads, instructions
Fuse Overload protection.
CE listed; IEC 1010 Cat III-1000V Compliant
1: To Turn OFF Voice; Press and Hold (~3sec.) "TRUE/AVG" Button
2: To Read Frequency: Select 750VAC Range- Press”HOLD/SELECT"
3: To Turn on Backlight: Press & Hold (~3sec.) "HOLD/SELECT" Button
Backlight will turn off after ~10seconds
4: Meter is Auto Off will turn off after ~20min
Volts: .2,2,20,200,1000V
Accuracy: .5% + 3 Counts on 200mV-200V
.8% + 10 Counts 1000VDC
Current: 20uA, 2mA, 20mA, 200mA,10A
Accuracy: .8% + 10 Counts on 20ua & 2mA
2% + 30 Counts on 20mA-10A
Frequency Response: Sine/Triangle: 40Hz-1KHz
Other Waveform: 40Hz-200Hz
Volts: .2,2,20,200,750V
Accuracy: .8% + 5 Counts on .2-200V
1.2% +10Counts on 750V
Current: 20mA, 200mA, 10A
Accuracy: 2% + 30 Counts
Ranges: 200,2K,20K,200K,2M,20M Ohms
Accuracy: .8% + 5 Counts on 200 ohm
.8% + 3 Counts on 2K-2M
1% + 25 Counts on 20M
Ranges: 20nF, 200nF, 2uF, 20uF, 200uF, 2mF, 20mF
Accuracy: 3.5% + 20 Counts on 20nF-20uF
5% + 10 Counts on 200uF-20mf
Frequency: <3KHz (Select 750VAC Range- Press ”Hold/Select” Button
Diode Test: ~3-4VDC open circuit
hFE: ~1mA test current
NCV: “Near Field AC” Beep Rate High for near/Low for far
L: 7-1/4" W: 3-1/2 T: 1-7/8" WT: 1.2

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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And, about that backlight...
Good value for the money, although I did buy it for $10 off on a weekly sale. Was going to buy it at full price, but got lucky on the timing. Lots of functions and range for the money. The voice does take a while to get attuned to, but it's surprisingly useful when probing tiny parts in tight designs - which reminds me, use better probes to get the best out of the unit. The supplied probes are poor quality. Capacitance range only has one setting, but the range to 20 millifarads is unusual for a meter at this price. As other reviewers here and online experienced, the selector switch on mine was intermittent when received. I rotated it ten times clockwise and counter-clockwise through it's complete range - so far that seems to have fixed it. Although the "manual" mentions how to turn on the backlight, and the video reviewer (& I) found the 15 second backlight timeout annoying, I found that if you press the "Hold/Select* " button until the meter beeps twice - the backlight won't time out. Or, I should say, won't time out in 15 seconds. Mine stayed on for 15 minutes, but I turned it off after 15 minutes to save battery life because the light is pretty bright - no doubt why the Mfg. chose to time it out so soon.
T. G.
Limited vision and the talking DMM
I have had my MPJA talking DMM fo4r about two years. I lost most of my vision about ten years ago. The meter and I have a love/hate relationship, but you would have to pry it out of my cold dead hands to get me to give it up. The meter has a bunch of scales that I will never use, but I have easily memorized the number of clicks to reach the ranges that I consistently use. The “off” position is at 12 oclock and is easily found by listening to the beeps as you approach the off position. It does not beep when at the off position. The voice is horrible, but after a while I began to understand what was being said. Getting it to speak a reading is somewhat “quirky” and unpredictable. Sometimes it will promptly offer up a new reading, while at other times, it seems to be tongue tied and it tries my patience. The meter seems to be rugged enough, as it has survived being dropped several times. I have tinnitus and a constant ringing in my ears. This prevents me from hearing the continuity tone on many DMMs, however this meter’s tone is loud and clear. It also has very little delay before indicating continuity. All in all, it has given me back my hobby of tinkering with electronics. Bill Allsopp
- Bill Allsopp, AR
35042 TE Digital Multimeter
This is my go-to Digital Multimeter. The only thing that is missing is a carrying case or even a recommendation for one, which is why I didnt give it five stars!
Very good value and works within specifications
Everything on the meter tested within the specifications. The voice feature works well. Tested True RMS with both a sine and square wave at different frequencies and the readings were quite accurate within the meters rated frequency response, and actually at considerably higher frequency than specified. Excellent for a low-cost meter. There was a minor issue at first where the meter did not power up on all selector switch positions, but after exercising the rotary selector switch a couple of times, it was fine. Perhaps it was a little oxidation on the contacts. The English translation of the manual is adequate, but difficult to understand, and perhaps even impossible, in some cases. But I always respect the effort and there was obviously effort to make a thorough manual. Plus, a printed copy is provided which is convenient. The test leads seem to be reasonably good quality. For the price, this meter is a very good value.
- Charles Kinzer, CA
Works great
Works great, I have ha no problems with readings or the talking part of the multimeter.

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