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Solder Stations

If you are a engineer, tech. or more serious user, having one or more Solder Stations is a must. Soldering encompasses everything we use to make, modify or repair electronic equipment. For the occasional board your basic need is of a simple iron, a sponge, brush and of course solder along with a few tools such as pliers and cutters. You should use a adjustable Solder Station over a simple soldering iron because of the control over the temperature and includes a wipe sponge and a place to hold the iron. Because they contain a heat sensor near the tip and a control circuit; adjustable Temperature Controlled Solder Stations allows better control over the work heat. All Soldering Irons & Solder Stations lose heat when applied to a component (heat sinking) but the controlled station will adjust the power to the heater to maintain the temperature. Too hot causes the copper trace to break free, blister the epoxy board, and damage components, if too cold and you will have cold joints. Being able to adjust the Solder Station allows you to solder a SMD transistor and then crank up the iron to solder to a ground plane. If you are an OEM, to prevent cross contamination when working boards with Lead-free solder and boards with lead, two Solder Stations are a must. As a hobbyist, 2 Solder Stations are recommended but if you have an adjustable Temperature Solder Station you can adjust for the higher melting point of lead free solders. Weather itís a simple iron, adjustable station, Temperature Controlled Station or a full Rework Station with Hot Air we have them for you. Solder Stations, DeSolder Stations, Solder Supplies We carry various styles of Solder Stations as well as Desolder Stations. We offer the best value along with the best quality of Solder Stations. Solder Stations, DeSolder Stations, Solder Supplies

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ZD 929C Solder Station
ZD 929C Solder Station
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ZD 99 Solder Station
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ZD 8903 Solder Station
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MPJA Solder Stations
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Desolder Station
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