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Solder Equipment

A variety of Solder Equipment is a must in this era of electronics. Solder Equipment encompasses everything we used to make, modify or repair electronic equipment. Weather itís the minimal needed solder equipment for the hobbyist or the more elaborate rework bay. For the simpler boards your basic need is a simple iron, a sponge, wick or sucker, brush and of course solder along with a few tools such as pliers and cutters. If you are working multilayer and surface mount, micro packaged components you will need more sophisticated Solder Equipment such as: touch up Iron, Solder Sucker & wick, sponges, Hot Air tool, Hot Tweezers, picks, solder and more. When acquiring Solder Equipment you should consider a Adjustable Temperature controlled Solder Station over a simple soldering iron because of the control it gives you and includes a wipe sponge and a place to hold the iron. Adjustable Temperature Controlled soldering station or Hot air rework station allow better control over the work heat. Too hot causes the copper trace to break free from the board, damage components, too cold and you will have inferior joints. Solder Equipment like a hot air station will heat up all leads together to remove those mega lead IC, which is very difficult with an iron. Hot Tweezers are great for component as removal of SMD resistors, capacitors and other two lead components. In your selection of Solder Equipment; have a selection of spare soldering iron tips including fine and medium points, Hot air nozzles sized for your anticipated components, different sized solder wick, a solder sucker, Smoke absorber or exhaust fan, flat tip tweezers, solder paste and a couple magnifying lenses, flux & cleaner, even a tube of epoxy (got to hold those surface mount components in place while soldering). Most boards manufactured in the last couple years use lead free solders, but older boards contain lead solders so you should have a iron and tips dedicated to each type and a couple of gages of the appropriate solder. Because manufactures of Solder Equipment change models and controls you should consider spare parts. Available in our Chemical and Electronic Tool categories you will find tools, cleaners, flux, epoxy and more to augment your Solder Equipment. Solder Equipment, Desolder Equipment You will find a full rage of Solder Equipment. Browse our Solder Equipment to find the Solder Station you need. Solder Equipment, Solder Equipment

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