Serial 2 X 16 LCD Display for Arduino

Serial 2 X 16 LCD Display for Arduino
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Detailed Description

Serial LCD for Arduino
LCM1602 IIC V1 Serial Board LCD for UNO, MEGA & Duemilanove. The I2C/SPI communication with microcontroller does not take a Shield position, simple 4 wire connection. LCD features: 16 character by 2 line LCD module (Hitachi 44780 compatible), dark blue back ground, white characters and White LED backlighting. Power LED.
Power: +5 volts (supplied by Arduino)
Character size: 2.95mm X 5.15mm
Dot Size: 0.55mm x 0.60mm
I/O: 4 pin header 0.1in Pitch
L: 3-1/8” W: 1-7/16” H: 7/8 O/A WT: .1

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Arduino IDE 1.8.? issues
If you have problems with Arduino IDE 1.8.? from Microsoft store, try an earlier version of Arduino IDE. 1.6.5 works fine.
- Dave DNA Robotics, FL
not all versions have the same address but a scanner makes it easy
See this link for arduino scanner code to get the address of any i2c device
- Duncan Bell, NY
Verified Purchase
Item exactly as described! Fast shipping! Thanks!
April 2018 batch marked MH, the address is 0x27
I got 2 in April 2018 marked MH, the address is 0x27 The A0 A1 and A2 solder pads are pulled low to ground with 10K resistors. Yes, the contrast needed adjusting.
- DNA Robotics, FL
Check the contrast!
This module works with at least the LiquidCrystal I2C and LiquidCrystal_PCF8574 libraries available in the Arduino library manager. Address 0x3F worked for me since the A0, A1, and A2 jumpers are not shorted. NOTE: Check the contrast potentiometer on the PCF8574 module. Mine needed to be adjusted.
Change of Address!
Recently purchased unit has a different address than the same part number purchased a year ago. It seems that if the small board is marked MH, the address is not going to be 0x27 or 0x20 but 0x3F. With that change of address, this display works and looks great.
- Dirk DeRose, OK
There is soem doc available!
Google for LCM1602 and you will find many pages that mention the board - including the pinouts stated above and sample programs using the Arduino library.
Mark A
Software for arduino
I am using these for a simple display project. Took some time to sort through getting it working. Heres the scoop. The library that works with this chip set is available at this link. On the ones I have the A0 A2 and A3 solder pads are not shorted so I used ; LiquidCrystal_I2C lcd0x27,16,2; Instead of the defaults Works great Hope the Jones get more of them soon. I suggest some one mirror or MPJA put this file for download.
David Lynn Coles-Dobay
Works with TI MSP430F5529
Jims comments are correct and were a big help - thank you Jim! Be aware that if you are using Energia with the TI MSP430F5529, the I2C pins are not P4.2 and P4.1 as TI says, but rather P3.0 SDA and P3.1 SCL.
Works great with Arduino Uno
I liked the idea of the 4-wire interface, but I was disappointed that no documentation was available for this part. However after a night of hacking I got it to work with my Arduino Uno. I thought Id pass along the following information to spare others the trouble. The hardware hookup to the Arduino is trivial. Just hook up the 4 pins as follows: GND -> GND on Arduino, Vcc -> +5V on Arduino, SDA -> A4 on Arduino, SCL -> A5 on Arduino, On the software side, you have to download and install a new LiquidCrystal_I2C library for Arduino, which has the capability to talk to the LCD display over the I2C bus. Heres a link to the library. Follow the example code for the DFRobot board, which turns out to have the same configuration as this LCD, and it should fire right up for you. The LCD has white characters on a backlit blue background, and looked great.!dfrobot
- Jim, FL