RGB, 10W, High Brightness LED, Common Anode

RGB, 10W, High Brightness LED, Common Anode
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Detailed Description

3 Color COMMON ANODE 10W Red/Green/Blue LED
Wavelength: R625/G525/B460nM,
Min. Output: RGB: 350lm, each LED R80/G150/B30lm
Max Forward current: 350mA continuous Single Color
Max Forward current: 1000mA total 3 colors
Forward Drop: R6-7V/G10-11V/B10-11V.
Max reverse Voltage: 15VDC
Viewing Angle: 140 deg.
Sq: 22mm WT: .01

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California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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I built a fixture-excellent!
I built a basic variable current supply system for this LED and the result is amazing! I set it to only drive each segment at 300 ma, max, because I dont want to weaken the LED module too quickly. Its still plenty bright! I also found that to get a good white, the red has to be slightly attenuated, and the blue a bit more. -Green is max at 300 ma.- My wife even likes to play with the colors it makes. Three pots, and it runs on a 12v 2a power brick. I ended up keeping it common anode, as this worked will with the circuit I was designing.
- William Barnett, CT
Ive always wanted a nice, bright, RGB light source, and now I finally have one! With some basic parts, like op amps, power transistors, resistors, and pots, I can create any color with ease. My wife likes it so much, I plan to build it into a nice box and set it up in the living room for a splash of ANY color on a white wall. Superb!
- William Barnett, CT
Worked better than I expected!
I used 5 of these in a 50-watt RGB light fixture, for both fun and background lighting for photography. The results were excellent. The saturation of the colors appears very intense, the blue is electric! Seems to have a bit of UV in it, as objects appear to almost glow. The red and green are just as intense, and when mixed together a decent yellow is produced ...yellow seems to be difficult for some RGB leds. .....To mix for white it appears you should back off the blue a bit. Reds, pink, orange, purple and violet shades are very saturated and deep. ..... The color matching between units appears fine also, but you absolutely cant look at them directly without going blind - even at reduced currents! They are BRITE!! .....These can get pretty hot, but a heat sink with a tiny fan behind it keeps them running cool. A slight color shadow can appear with the separation of the three colors, so if making an array of these LEDs you should vary the orientation of each element. You need tiny 2-56 screws to mount these. .....I like them so much I am ordering 10 more to make an even larger system.
Rich D.
common anode cathode ?
these have the cathodes tied together, to make them into 3 independent LEDS just cut the bar connecting them, then you can run them either way, common anode or cathode, check heat sink to see if its live of course !
Nice,low cost 10W RGB LED with one problem
Bright 10W RGB LED for a good price; the only issue is the Anodes are extremely short, you will need fine wires, a fine tip iron and a steady hand to solder them.