Protective Case for 32184 "C" & 32764 "F" Thermostats

Protective Case for 32184
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Detailed Description

Clear Acrylic case for 32184-MP and 32764-MP digital thermostats. Precut for terminal strip, switches & Relay access. Includes Hardware.
Assembly Required
L: 2-5/16" W: 2" T: 5/8" WT: .08

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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No mounting tabs
My main complaint about this case is that there is no way to mount it. I bought it to provide protection, and a safe, solid mounting system. Would it be so hard to provide some tabs with screw holes? The screws for mounting the board are a few threads too short; they dont thread all the way into the nuts. Finally, the side piece that has an opening for the screw terminals broke in half when I was removing the paper. Its very fragile. Either be very careful when handling it, or just leave the paper on that piece. It can still be assembled with the broken part, so its not a big problem. The real problem is that you still dont have any mounting tabs. Ill probably get longer screws for mounting the circuit board and pass those screws through another piece across the back of the case that will give me a margin on the sides for mounting screws.
- Douglas Toltzman, NC
Very Nice Little Box
Interesting little box to protect the thermostat unit. If you shake or are in a hurry, it is not for you. It does take a little time to remove the protective paper. As for assembly problems, all one has to do is look at the parts and you dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. The only improvement would be to have the back wider with a couple of mounting holes. Other than that, a great little box.
- Ted, MI
Could be better...
This protective case barely does what it claims - it protects the circuit board of the 32184 and 32764 thermostats - sort of. But it seems to have been designed with the single goals of making the smallest box that the thermostat circuit board would fit into and using the absolute minimum of acrylic. I found so many downsides and objections that I felt obliged to do this review. ...PROs:... 1. It does keep fingers, tool, and other conductive items away from the thermostat circuit board. 2. The clear acrylic allows the digital display to be seen. 3. All hardware necessary to mount the thermostat and assemble the box is included. 4. The parts fit together well. ...CONs:... 1. No assembly instructions are included nor are any available on the website. It took a bit of time and several tries to learn how to put it together. Simple instructions would have avoided this waste of time. 2. The parts come with the protective paper left on both sides. It is fairly difficult and tedious to remove, and serves no useful purpose. It would be preferable to have it removed before cutting the parts, making them ready to assemble out of the bag. 3. Assembly is cumbersome, and I realized there is a sequence that should be followed to ease the process. An instruction sheet would have eliminated this learning curve. 4. The box corner screws were much longer than necessary. 5. No provision for mounting the completed box is provided. A slightly larger size would have allowed for mounting tabs. 6. There are no provisions for strain relief for the power, relay, and thermistor cables. 7. The box is tiny - it does not even completely enclose the thermostat. The relay and wire connectors extend outside the box through openings cut into the face of the box. A slightly larger box would have allowed the entire thermostat to be enclosed. 8. The box is neither water, weather, nor dust resistant with all the openings cut into it. A slightly larger design would have allowed for cable strain relief, and at least some water- and dust-resistance. Overall not a bad product if all you want is something to keep your fingers off the back of the thermostat circuit board and you can live with all these objections, but it could be made much better with a few simple design changes.
- Bud P., KS
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Nice item! Very quick service! A+++++ ebayer! Thanks!