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Plug In Power Supplies

Plug supplies also known as "Wall Warts", "Wall Adaptors", "Plun In Power Supplies" or "Wall Supplies" have been the mainstay of the commercial equipment market for many years. There are two types: AC output and DC output. AC output Plug In Supplies are generally in the 6V-24VAC output range and are widely used in Door Bells, Access Control, Fire/Burglary and Surveillance systems. Connections are usually molded in screw terminals with a few having wire leads. AC Plug In Supplies are actually nothing more than a Transformer in a handy case. DC Output Plug In Supplies fall under 3 types: Unregulated, Regulated Linear & Regulated Switching. "Unregulated" or Brute Force Plug In Power Supplies will provide an approximate output dependant on the load. This is a simple supply as it only contains a step down transformer, couple rectifier diodes and a filter capacitor. The output does not remain constant with loading. "Linear" unregulated & regulated Wall Plug In Power Supplies are limited to lower power to around 40 Watts because of the transformer and capacitor weight stress on the wall outlet. A Linear Regulated Plug In Supply provides an output voltage varying only a few milivolts up to the load limit. The Linear Plug In Supply adds a regulator circuit to the basic unregulated design. A "Switching" Plug In Power Supply rectifies & filters the incoming AC line voltage, then switches the resultant High DC Voltage at a high frequency to reduce the size & weight of components. Plug In Supplies that are regulated have the output voltage remains close to its rating; usually within 1% or better over the load range. Drawing almost no power when not loaded, Switching Plug Power Supplies are quickly becoming the most used type in order to reduce wasted energy costs. There are many output cord options from bare leads to just about any connector design. The most common is the 5.5mm OD X 2.5 or 2.1mm ID Coaxial or barrel connector. You should always check that the output connector matches your equipment. All carry safety certifications by the CE, UL, CSA, TUV or other listing companies Plug In Power Supplies, Plug Power Supplies, Plug-In Supply You will find the Plug In Power Supply for your project. Our line of Plug Power Supplies are both economical and of the highest quality. Plug In Power Supplies, Plug Power Supplies, Plug-In Supply

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