Plastic Instrument Box Enclosures


Our Plastic Instrument Enclosures provide you with both form and function when it comes to building instruments of all types. Some are “Clamshell” that screw together while others snap together or have snap on endplates requiring no hardware. This open construction provides you with easy access for cutting, drilling and mounting single or multiple parts and boards. These cases are made for ease of assembly but still have easy to drill ends and sides and you can use the molded in stand offs in the enclosure for your circuit board. End plates of a contrasting color highlight your project. While not designed for outdoor used these Instrument Enclosures will fill your basic need for a protective and attractive indoor functionality as well as long service life. Plastic Instrument Enclosures and Boxes Use Plastic Instrument Enclosures for simple snap togeather projects. Our Plastic Instrument Enclosures are an affordable way to house your circuit design Plastic Instrument Enclosures, Cheap Plastic Boxes

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