Panel Meter, LCD, Snap-in. AC Volts & Amps.

Panel Meter, LCD, Snap-in. AC Volts & Amps.
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Detailed Description

Snap-in LCD panel meter with Blue back light. Contains both a 3 digit AC Digital Volt Meter and a 3 digit AC Amp. meter. External Current Transformer can be mounted remotely.
Character Height: 0.35in.
Voltage: 80-300VAC
Resolution: 1V
Current: 0-100A
Resolution: Amps: .1
Accuracy: +-1% +2LSD
Includes 100A Current Transformer with 14mm ID.
Cutout: 68 X 38mm
W: 2-3/4" H: 1-19/32" D: 1-19/32 WT: .2

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California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Danger: Safety response to a previous review!!!!
Just read Dale Klines review. DANGER!!! If youre going to run 18# wire, you need to fuse the hot, at the source, with a 250VAC or better fuse rated no higher than a couple Amps. The green wire should be used only as an Equipment Ground! You should use a twisted pair cable with at least 300 volt insulation to connect to the CT. current Transformer DO NOT ASSUME that you can connect a CT input in common with a power connection!
- Joe Stanko, IL
Current Transformer Wiring
To answer the question regarding length of cable from the current transformer to the meter module: There is no hard limit. The main consideration is the resistance of the connecting cable. Since the resistance of the transformer itself is about 55 ohms, up to 20% of that, 10 ohms, should have no observable effect on current measurement accuracy. Voltage rating is not an issue because the transformer output is in the millivolt range. However the connecting cable WILL be sensitive to AC magnetic fields such as from a nearby current-carrying wire or cable. For this reason, the current transformer connecting cable should be kept away, an inch is plenty, from other current-carrying wiring. In particular the current transformer wires should not be in the same cable as the load current-carrying wires. Using a twisted pair cable is ideal. Ordinary doorbell wire, #22 or #24 conductor, should be good for up to 100 feet. This applies to all MPJA AC meters that use current transformers.
- Hal Chamberlin, TX
current transformer location question
I have used several other of MPJA DC meters with great success. But I have a question on this AC V/A meter... How far away can the meter readout be from the LOAD under test? I have two electric heaters in the basement that I would like to monitor from the kitchen about 35 feet away. SInce there is very little power pulled by the meter itself, a simple 18GA extension will bring the 220VAC to the meter in the kitchen, and the third wire for the toroid. ---White & Black across the 220VAC, and the Green for the toroid--- Will that long wire for the toroid affect the accuracy of the current measurement?
Dale Kline
reply to Mauricio
In regards to Mr. Lopez comment; I have used 6 of these meters with no problem. PDF data clearly shows 1 of the load power leads going through the current ttransformer with the CT leads connected to Meter. My 33yr. Granddaughter a nurse connected 2 up at her house. you must be doing something wrong. I plan on us8ing 2 more in a solar demo. class
- Bob, NC
Great Meter for AC generators!
I mounted two of these in a pair of 4x4x2 metal Handy Boxes to monitor my 20KW backup diesel genny. I also did the same on a break out panel for 15KW diesel genny mounted on a trailer to assist with balancing loads on a temporary electrical service.
Cool Meter!!!
I have bought more than 10 of these meters and they work great. They are cheap and do a great and accurate job of telling me when my motors are in trouble. I will keep buying these and I recommend them as well.
Dont Work
Hi... I bought two of these meters and have not worked for me. The voltage measurement is correct, but the current is always maintained 26-29Amp. The diagram is in the data sheet does not say how and where to use the current transformer, only said that the load must be connected to the connector, but no output voltage. I bought other meters ME 31496 and work perfectly.
Mauricio Lopez
Great meter for the price!
I chose to use mine as a portable AC voltage and current monitor. It mounts easily in a deep 1900 box with a duplex/GFCI cover.Almost! Its about 5mm too wide to fit in the GFCI opening without a little grinding. I havent had a chance to check it for accuracy yet but it sure looks good!
- Joe Stanko, IL