Panel Meter, Color LCD Snap-in, AC Volts, 80-300 VAC,100A, 22KW

Panel Meter, Color LCD Snap-in, AC Volts,  80-300 VAC,100A, 22KW
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4 Color LCD True RMS Panel Meter display: AC Volts (RED), Amps (GREEN), Watts (YELLOW), Watt hours (WHITE).
External Current Transformer can be mounted remotely.
Viewing angle: 6:00 (Other angles may produce a flicker
Stores accumulated Energy Used (kwh) with power off
Can be Reset
Input Voltage: 80-300VAC 50/60Hz SINE WAVE ONLY
Resolution: .1V
Input Range Amps: 0-99.99A
Resolution: Amps: .01A
Watts: 0-22KWmax
Resolution: <10KW=0.1W, <10KW=1W
Energy Used: 0-999999kwh
Resolution: <9999.999kwh: .001kwh
10000.00 to 99999.99kwh: 0.01kwh
100000.0 to 999999.9kwh:0.1kwh
Accuracy: +-1% +-2LSD
Terminal Strip for Connections & Back Cover.
Current Transformer I/D: 15mm
Meter Cutout: 76mm X 39mm
NOTE: This meter measures Real Power Watts
Not Apparent Power (VxA or VA) or Reactive (VARs)
Power Factor is not calculated or Displayed
W: 3-1/8" H: 1-11/16" D: 1-7/8” WT: .25

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Great value for money, but not accurate with reactive loads
It goes up to 300Vac, not just 260Vac like most such meters. My unit works down to 50Vac. I tested it with a 60Vac sine wave driving a 91uF 400VDC polypropylene capacitor. It correctly read 60Vac and 2.0A, however it gave an excessive value of 6W for power use. My Kill-A-Watt, which is accurate for sine-wave power source and reactive loads, read 2W. Also, the display quality is not adequate for use in a finished product: The different colors have different intensities and differing variations with viewing angle, as well as differing rectangular backgrounds, and white light bleeds out along one edge of the display. Note that manual states: The meter can only use to measure 50Hz AC city electricity, it will be destroyed when use to measure square wave, output of inverter and correction sine wave.
Hooman B
Great little power meter
Put this in an aluminum box with plugs on either end and have been measuring power consumption of all of my appliances. If you pop the back cover off, it is about 1 shorter which helps fit it into a small aluminum chassis such as the Context Engineering 2506H-4.3N box that I used. It is sensitive enough to measure its own current when I initially wired the current transformer in front of the meter power. The kWH value is stored when the power is off and can be cleared by pressing the push button on the meter front.
- John Taylor, CA