Panel Meter, AC Multi-Function, AC80-260V 100A/22000W

Panel Meter, AC Multi-Function, AC80-260V 100A/22000W
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Detailed Description

Snap-in Red LED panel meter that measures:AC Volts, Amps, Watts, Watt hours. Individual display for each function.
Input Voltage: 80-260VAC
Resolution: 0.1V
Input Range Amps: 0-100A
Resolution: Amps: .01
Watts: 0-22000max
Resolution: <10KW= 1W, >10KW=10W
Energy Used: 0-9999KWh
Resolution: <10KWh=1Wh, 10-100KW=10Wh,
100-1000KWh= 100Wh, 1000KWh-9999KWh= 1KWh
Accuracy: +-1% +-1LSD
Terminal Strip for CT & Power Connections
Supplied External 100A Current Transformer can be mounted
NOTE 4 pin Header for TTL Data Output/Communications port
Appears to be Serial, 9600baud, 1 start/1stop/8 data bits
No software support available
Current Transformer I/D: 15mm
Cutout: 115mm X 54.6mm
W: 4-5/8" H: 2-3/8" D: 1-1/8” WT: .3

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Safety concerns for current transformers
I have purchased several of these meters for use around the house. They work great! However, one of them recently went bonkers with totally erratic readings. After some research, I found that an OPEN CIRCUIT current transformer can generate kilovolts across the connection wires depending on the PRIMARY current. Make sure your current transformer is plugged into the meter BEFORE applying power to the the LOAD UNDER TEST. Search current transformers for more information on safety, or ways to prevent damage to your meter when switching transformers when the LOAD is active.
- Dale Kline, MI
Verified Purchase
Great , This is my third Meter Panel for My Solar System
1. I works great, but how can you reset the POWER reading? It holds the reading when powered OFF. 2. Has ANYONE tried accessing the data port on this device? It seems that it should be capable of talking to an Arduino, or any other RS232 device?
- Dale Kline, MI
Great KWH Meter but Doesnt Do Net Energy
This is a great meter for measuring energy consumption of devices in ones home. I installed it in a waterproof plastic box and mounted it outside near the utility meter. Then installed the current transformer on the wire feeding the all-electric HVAC unit. Now I know exactly how much energy I use to heat and cool my home. I have two more modules - one is destined for the water heater and the other for my lab bench. Two notes: 1. The LED display is nice but not really that bright. It cannot be read in direct sunlight and is difficult to read even in the shade. Bright and vivid at night though. 2. This meter would not be useful for net energy measurement in a solar power installation - it just accumulates total energy flow without regard to its direction. This also means that the polarity of the current transformer wiring is irrelevant.
- Hal Chamberlin, TX
Nice Power Monitoring Meter
I bought 2 of these meters -- one for each 120VAC phase on my home power. I wanted to monitor not only the power provided by the local rural coop power company, but also to monitor the performance of my backup generator. Installation of these meters into a plastic case took an hour, and wiring the connections to the breaker panel took another hour. I really like the bright red LED digital display thats much more visible than an LCD display. This meter is a great value at $25.
- Bob, CO
Find out what is really using the power in your home
Great simple instrument for monitoring the electrical power on one appliance or leg of the electrical circuit in your home. Great for instructional purposes or just simply monitoring the electrical use on your electrical water heater, boiler, pellet stove, lighting etc. Less costly than many test instruments on the market today. Through monitoring the user can steps to alter the electrical use and lower the electrical bill.