Palm Size Digital Multimeter 4 Digit 9999 Count

Palm Size Digital Multimeter 4 Digit 9999 Count
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4 Digit 9999 count Palm Size, True RMS digital multimeter with Auto/Manual Ranging, Backlight & Auto Off
12 functions, Backlight, .7" height LCD display.
Includes: 30" test lead, 18" to 30" Temperature probe, instructions & Protective pouch.
Fuse Overload protection.
CE listed, Cat-III-600V Compliant
Ranges: 9.999mV, 99.99mV, 999.9mV, 9.999V, 99.99V, 999.9V Accuracy: 0.5% + 3 LS Digit
Ranges: 9.999mV, 99.99mV, 999.9mV, 9.999V, 99.99V, 750.0V Accuracy: 1% + 3 LS Digit
Ranges: 99.99uA, 999.9uA Accuracy: 0.8% + 3 LS Digit
Ranges: 999.99mA, 9.999A Accuracy: 1% + 3 LS Digit
Ranges: 99.99uA, 999.9uA Accuracy: 1% + 3 LS Digit
Ranges: 999.99mA, 9.999A Accuracy: 1.2% + 3 LS Digit
Ranges: 99.99ohm, Accuracy: 1% + 3 LS Digit
Ranges: 999.9ohm, 9.999ohm, 99.99ohm, 999.9ohm Accuracy: 0.5% + 3 LS Digit
Ranges: 9.999M ohm, 99.99M ohm Accuracy: 1.5% + 3 LS Digit
Ranges: 9.999nF Accuracy: 5% + 20 LS Digit
Ranges: 99.99nF, 999.9nF, 9.999uF, 99.99uF, 999.9uF Accuracy: 2% + 5 LS Digit
Ranges: 9.999mF Accuracy: 5% + 5 LS Digit
Ranges: 99.99Hz, 999.9Hz, 9.999kHz, 99.99kHz, 999.9kHz, 9.999MHz Accuracy: 0.1%+2 LS Digit
Ranges: 1% - 99% Accuracy: 0.1% + 2 LS Digit
Ranges: -20 to 1000 degree "C" or -4 to 1832 degree "F" Accuracy: 2.5% + 5 LS Digit
Diode Test, Continuity Test (Buzzer <50ohms), NCV (Non-Contact AC V Near field)
Auto Off: At 14 Minutes with no activity warning beep, 15 Minutes shut down.
Requires 2 AAA Batteries (Not Included)
L: 5" W: 2-1/2" T: 1-1/4" WT: .4

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Updated review
THE AUTO-POWER-OFF CAN BE DISABLED Previously I wrote about what a great little meter this is, but complained about the annoying power saver feature (coming too soon). Well, honestly, I hadn't read the manual - there is a way to disable it. Hold down SEL as you power it on. 5 Beeps and it's disabled.
- Austin Higgs, SC
Great little meter with ANNOYING battery saver beep
Great meter, quality build, accurate. But the "battery saver" timeout beeps come WAY too soon and it's annoying to have to turn it off and back on every 5 minutes.
- Austin Higgs, SC
Out performs everything in its class
This DMM is an ANENG AN8009 under another name - and at a lower cost. I have several of booth 7 total and I have made them a writing project. In one article I measure the missing specifications. It outperforms all 3-1/2 digit DMMs in all aspects. It is an astounding design that advanced the state of the art in DMMs. MPJA does a great service in offering this unique product.
- Richard Nelson, AZ
Good Multimeter
I have used the 35524 TE/ Zoetek 111 multimeter for the past two years, about two use sessions per week. I recommend it. I cannot verify the accuracy or precision of the multimeter, but the values always seem reasonable. Pros:+Excellent value. +Full featured. +Big display. +Compact body. +Good Instructions. +Tightly fitting ABS clam-shell body keeps out dust and gives a solid feel to meter. +Arc quenching silica sand type fuses, not clear glass fuses. +Included bag is durable and just the right size for the multimeter, 2 test leads, and 2 alligator clips MPJA Stock No: 35128 TE that slip on over the end of the test leads. Cons: -Included test leads are CAT II, meter is CAT III. -Somewhat limited viewing angles on the display. -No rubber bumpers. -No inductive type current clamp for high current measurements. -No NIST certification. Multimeter Reviewed February 2020
- Brendan, MN
An amzing combination of value and performance
The ZOTEK ZT111 is one of the best DMM values I have found. It is very compact, yet has larger and easier-to-read digits than even my largest DMMs. It uses 2x AAA batteries, instead of 9V. It has 9999 counts, compared to 4000 or 6000 found in most meters costing up to 4x the price. The readout updates faster than most higher-priced meters, and settles to a stable reading faster than most. The uA range has 0.01uA resolution, with only 100 ohms of burden resistance. The mV range is truly exceptional, with 1uV resolution which is rarely seen even in meters costing 5x the price, an AC impedance of 10Meg and a DC impedance of >220Meg [above my measurement limit]! This is the only meter I own two of, one for home and one for the car.
- Hooman Bustani, NV
Accurate with true 4 Digit resolution.
I have four of these and I have measured the unpublished specifications, and I will share if interested. Mention MPJA so I know the context. 32 pp, lots of data & photos. X < > Y, Richard
- Richard Nelson, AZ
Great little meter!
This thing is fantastic! Has all of the features of my Fluke 87V for about one-sixteenth of the price! Accuracy seems to be just as good, and true RMS is a plus! AND, IT IS LIGHT AND TINY!
- Mark Klein, OH
Zorn Electronics rating
This is an unbelievable package for the price! Frequency and temperature, autoranging and four digit display? I only wish that access to the rotary Switch contacts could be had...I like to prevent corrosion by applying de-ox-Id Cleaner. Perhaps I’llnever have An issue. Extremely good Value!
- Roger Zorn, PA
Accurate and portable
IF I had to describe this multimeter, I would say it is very accurate and most certainly portable.

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