Multi Function Time Relay SPST-NO

Multi Function Time Relay SPST-NO
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Multi function Timer with multiple timing modes Liquid Crystal Display.
Delay OFF, Delay ON with Lock out, retrigger, Stop on retrigger
Recycle (Loop)
OFF, ON & # of Loops independently programmable.
Supports High & Low Level Triggering, Optocoupler isolation
Reverse Polarity Protected
Sleep mode. After enabling, if there is no operation for ~5 minutes, Backlight turns off (Any button wakes up)
All setting are automatically saved at power-off.
One-button pause function
Power: 6-30VDC
Quiescent Current: ~15 mA
Working Current: ~50 mA
Timing Range: 0.01 sec~9999 min
Trigger Signal: High-level: 3.0V~24V, low-level: 0.0V~0.2V
Relay: SPST-NO Isolated Contacts
Contacts: 10A/14VDC, or 5A/110VAC
Operating Temperature: -40~85 °C
Connections: Terminal Strip for Power & Relay
Trigger: Header on back with 8" Pigtail
W: 3-1/8" H: 1-7/16" D: 1" WT: .1

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Excellent little timer
I have never seen a timer do as many timing options as this little guy. it has like 9 options, some looping and some triggerable. I needed a trigger source for a an old traffic light my friend had in his garage and used it with another interesting MPJA product, a sequencing relay. For $20 and an hours work, it has made my neighbor a believer in MPJA modules.
- david ingebright, AZ
Timer: Two major flaws to be aware of
Power draw at 12V measuerd: 5.4mA with dim display, 11mA with lit display, 55mA with dim display relay off, 63mA with lit display relay on. SRA-05VDC-CL relay is SPDT, though the NC contact is not made available. It is possible to remove the board and solder a wire to NC contact. CAUTION: Do not use to switch 120VAC or other high voltage loads: Clearance between relay contact trace and four of the LCD pins is less than 1mm, as is clearance between the two relay contacts. This timer does not use a crystal for timing. Mine was slow by 17 minutes a day, or 1.2%. This means it is unsuitable for events that need to repeat at fixed times daily.
- H Bustani, NV
Clever little gizmo. Perfect for Halloween displays
So a recent addition to Halloween and Christmas decorations are inflatables to put in the passenger seat of your car. Think Santa or the Grimm reaper. I bought one of the Grimm reapers. It immediately occurred to me that a timer would make the reaper rise up much to the surprise of the viewer yes, while the primary application will be my car parked in front of our Townhouse on Halloween, Ill probably drive around with the thing as well. I am, by nature, lazy. Theres no way I would bread board up some kind of 555 timer circuit to do something like this. But through the miracles of cheap Chinese electronics, I dont have to. I am using the P6 mode with the timer set to 7 seconds on and 5 seconds off. I unzipped the inflatable slightly so it can deflate more quickly, but still inflate fully when the blower comes on. And the loop counter function means that if I forget to unplug the thing it will turn off in three hours and therefore limit how much it will run down the battery. Id be hard-pressed to build something nearly as nice for this price. It works like a charm and worthy of my Lazy Engineer Blog that I may create some day! Thanks MPJA for screening China for great ideas and bringing them to us. I would much prefer to get them from you than some random Amazon or eBay seller.
- Rolf, VA
Solid Timer Module
This timer module has performed exactly as I require for my application, an industrial application that has already logged in excess of 80,000 cycles. I like that it has its own enclosure and interfaces with high or low level signals. Thus far it is performing extremely well for our purposes and is very much worth its price.
- B. H., TX