Mini Panel Meter, Dual Red LED Display 30 Volts & 100 Amps DC

Mini Panel Meter, Dual Red LED Display 30 Volts & 100 Amps DC
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Mini snap-in LED panel meter contains both a 3digit Digital Volt Meter and a 3 digit Amp. meter.
Includes 100A Shunt
Character Height: 0.28in.
Input Voltage: 3.5-30VDC
Resolution: 0.1V
Input Range Amps: 0-100A (99.9)
Resolution: Amps: .1
Accuracy: +-1% +-1LSD
For source monitoring: Input Voltage must be between 3.5 & 30VDC
Ammeter Shunt Connects in the return side of Load
Shunt: L: 4-1/4” W: 7/8” H: 1” (inc. Bolts)
Meter W: 1-7/8" H: 1-1/8" D:WT: .4

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Astron RS-35A Panel Meter - Kewl when meter works
05-02-2019...-... Hello All, I took reveiwer Kriss advice and have modd several Astron linear high current power-supplies for my Ham rigs using with these kewl little digital meters. I mount them inside an Altoids tin-can, to the front panel of the Astron using a threaded lamp-pole hollow for the wires to pass through and I put between the bottom of the Altoids tin and the front-panel 1 thrust-bearing so that I can cinch down the nuts on the inside of the tin and the Astron front-panel, using LocTite to keep the nuts from loosening. I do this so that I can place the power-supply either on its side or on its bottom, being able to orient the display 90Ί. I put button head screws on the bottom of the tin, and two cap head screws through the panel, to serve as rotation stops. I mount the shunt using a large eye-ring-tongue crimped onto a 1/2 long #8 AWG stranded copper wire. I scratch off a 1/2 swath of solder-mask covering the negative PCB pole from the RS-35A, solder the wire to it. I unscrew the black negative output wire from the big filter capacitor regulator board and re-attach it to the output side of the shunt. Its a simple high-current rigid mount. I glue a peice of thick plastic over the end of the transformer so that the output end of the shunt cant short to it. Its slick. Only one problem, one or two of these meters have arrived DOA. They are shipped inside non-anti-static clear plastic bags. I speculate that the bags are killing the meters. When the meters work, they are an excellent gadget and Ill buy more from MPJA, but the next orders had better arrive in an anti-static bag. The meters are about $20 each. I highly recommend these digital meters aside from having received a few bad units.
- KM6O?H - LA, CA
Mini digital volt-amp panel meter
Its a nice little item, reasonably priced, does what its supposed to do. BUT: the 100 amp shunt is big, 4 1/4 long. Your application may not have room for it. And the lip around the meter housing is only .075 wide. You have to make the mounting hole exactly the right size or else. Installing this guy can be a challenge. Othe than that no problems.
- Barrie Strachan, UT
Great meter to dress up a non metered power supply
I mount these in Astron or similar power supplies. If cutting the steel face of your power supply scares you, then place it in a 4x4 PVC electrical box and use pigtails to monitor the load.