Micro Adjustable Step Down (Buck) DC/DC Converter 3A

Micro Adjustable Step Down (Buck) DC/DC Converter 3A
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Adjustable, Non Isolated, MP1584EN Buck (Step Down) switching DC/DC Converter board. Ideal Point-of-Use regulator
Input: 4.5-28VDC
Output: 0.8-20VDC
Minimum Vin-Vout: 3V
Rated Current: 3A (Heatsink Required above 10W)
L: 7/8" W: 11/16" H: 3/16” WT: .01

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Great board except for pot
I got several of these boards a while back and they are good boards except for the pot. I removed the pot and soldered fixed 0805 smt resistors in its place using the formula to produce the voltage I wanted. Works perfectly without any worries that a cheap pot might get bumped and suddenly overpower a circuit.
- DJ Hawkins, FL
Great little module!
These little SMPS are tiny and powerful. Im using mine to step down 12v to 5v, and yes the tiny trim pot is a little fiddly to adjust but be patient and steady your hand, it is possible. I dont know about the 3a rating, never pushed that hard, but they keep their cool running about 1a at 5v out.
- Gordon, MI
Excelent instructional video.
Clear, concise, useful information. Covers most important points without wasted time or excess verbiage. Images are in focus and steady. Speech is clear and distinct,volume remains constant. ....Perfect.....
Real time saver
I build a lot of utility modules and these are great to drop in and be done! High efficiency is a real benefit over an 78xx linear plus I dont have to add the in and out caps; When a project requires 24V input and Im regulating down to 5V even 100mA is about 2W that a 7805 would dissipate. I keep a bag of these as well as the tiny boost converter that MPJA sells on hand at all times. The pot is tiny but all this takes is an appropriately sized screw driver and a light touch.
- John Taylor, CA
Blah once again not working
I can turn the adjusting pot 360° and get the same 4.04 volts, this is just with my multimeter possible with a load I might be able to adjust the output, so far very disappointed.
- Ralph Hulslander, NY
Very good down converter
I needed a 5 volt source to drive USB type drone battery chargers. I used this converter to build a 12 volt driven field charger that has four 5 volt channels allowing me to charge 5 drone batteries at once. These micro converters work well. The only caveat is that you must turn the adjustment pot to max and back to min a few times and then set it to full clockwise. Connect your source and then adjust the pot slowly until you get the desired output voltage. So far no problems with these units and they work great.
- Thomas Welch, UT
Not able to adjust voltage
I ordered 4 of these, it must take a special tool to move the adjustment so I am unable to adjust the voltage making them so much junk to me. This is the first thing from MPJA that I have had trouble with.
- Lee Fundy, WA
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