LED Indicators Lights


Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs have been commercially available since the late 1960s. As the technology as vastly improved the brightness and efficiency so has the use as replacements for incandescent lamps in indicators. With the new, high brightness LEDs, it is possible to have panel warning/indicators that can be seen at long distances. Today LED Indicator Lights are readily available many colors. Best used as indicator lights on Panels, LED Indicator lights are available in Round, Square, Rectangular cases, cylindrical cartridge types and others. Some are now being used in Warning systems because of their low power and high brightness. LED Indicator lights have the added convenience of having built in current limiting components allowing direct connection in circuits without having to solder resistors or adding leads. LED Indicator Lights are now available in most voltages from 5VDC through 220VAC with terminal styles including Wire, Screw, Bi-Pin, socket base etc. Panel LED Indicator Lights generally mount with snap-in clips, brackets or have threaded backing nuts. With their low cost, low power usage, long life, high brightness and ease of use, LED Indicator Lights are an attractive alternate for your next project. LED Indicator Lights, LED Panel Indicator Lamps Our beautiful LED Indicator Lights will make your project come alive. The color selction of LED Panel Indicator Lamps are extensive. Browse our LED Indicator Lights LED Indicator Lights, LED Panel Indicator Lamps

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