LED Flashlights


We offer a large selection of LED flashlights varying from small keychain LEDs to high lumen LED flash lights. LED flashlites are a newer form of flashlight which differs greatly from the traditional and older model of flashlights, the incandescent. LED flashlights are a much more economical way of seeing around in the dark. LEDs use only 5% to 10% of the power of an incandescent bulb because it uses electricity instead of heat to create light in the bulb. LED flashlights are also much more durable than an incandescent flashlight. The reason why LED flashlights are more durable is because they do not use a fragile filament to create light but they use a synthetic material to attract electrons which bind to it to create light. LED flashlights also usually have hard clear coating around the light which helps protect the light and make it almost indestructible. LED flashlights are also efficient in producing a focused beam of light instead of the cylindrical pattern of the traditional flashlight. MPJA.com offers different type of LED flashlights. We have LED flashlights with goosenecks, so you can get light into tight spaces and around corners of objects. We also sell LED flashlights which you can mount on a bike or use for recreational activities at night or LED flashlights with high lumens which admit a lot of light to light up large areas. Whatever your needs are, recreational or for the workplace, MPJA.com has a wide selection of LED flashlights. LED Flashlights, LED Flash Lights, LED Flashlites We have LED flashlights for any lighing project you will need. Find all types of LED Flashlights, from small to large. LED Flashlights, LED Flash Lights, LED Flashlites

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