Heat Sinks


Heat sinks are vital to a computer to keep it running at its maximum speed. Some heatsinks are used to cool down microprocessors in a computer so they do not overheat and crash the computer. Other uses of heat sinks are to cool discreet components. There are a few different ways heat sinks can cool down a computer. One way heat sinks cool CPUs down is by the use of airflow and thermal conductors. The way this works is there is a metal conductor on the heatsink which absorbs the heat from the microprocessor and uses ambient airflow to cool off the material attached to the heat sink. Sometimes, if natural airflow is not enough cooling power, there is a fan attached to the heat sink to cool it off faster. Another form of heatsinks is liquid cooled heat sinks which use liquid to cool off computer chips and microprocessors. These heat sinks are used when chips run to hot to be cooled by heat sinks using just ambient airflow. Liquid cooled heat sinks can also be used if one would want a quieter computer because these heat sinks do not have fans making noise thus making a computer run quieter. MPJA.com offers many different types of heat sinks, which range from fan cooled heatsinks to liquid cooled heat sinks. We carry heat sinks for Intel processors or AMD processors. There are heat sinks for whatever need one may have. Heat Sinks, Heatsink We have many types of Heatsinks for both microprocessors as well as discreet components. You are sure to find the Heat Sinks for your project. Heat Sinks, Heatsink, Microprocessor Cooling, Thermocoupler Heat Shrink

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