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Handwheel Digital Encoder, 100PPR, 5VDC

Handwheel Digital Encoder, 100PPR, 5VDC

33106-large.jpg  33106-1.jpg  360-3D.jpg    California Proposition 65 Warning
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 Detailed Description
We do not include any printed materials of the following "Data Sheets". You will need to print from the following Document(s).
Hand Operated Encoder for CNC Machines, Microcontrollers
Handy, Bi-phase rotary encoder with built in Handwheel.
Provides a 2 Phase output with both True and Compliment signals.
Power: 5VDC @ <100mA
Output: Push/Pull A to -A / B to -B (Differential Line Driver)
Phasing: A before B or B before A (rotation dependent)
Waveform: Square Wave
Resolution: 3.6deg. (100Pulse/360deg. rotation)
Speed: < 500RPM
Connections: Terminal Strip
DIA: 60mm H: ~50mm WT: .5

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California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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[not review] Info re: connection of various types of encoders..
Many such encoders are open collector output, which requires a pull-up resistor btwn V+ and each A or B quadrature output. Some encoders use push-pull outputs not requiring pullups. Many surplus vendors may not know exact details of their bulk lots. You might have to experiment. Here is a helpful document/explainer: https://www.cuidevices.com/blog/comparison-of-common-encoder-output-signals#push-pull-outputs
- Billl W., CA
Cycles similar to switch type encoders
As others have pointed out, this encoder rests at the detent points with both outputs low. However, if you turn the knob slowly, you will see all four states of the cycle. This is similar to switch type encoders with detents, at the detent position both outputs are either zero or high depending on the logic levels of the device. The result will be four state changes per detent, your encoder logic code may count by 2 or by 4 counts per detent. So it should work with arduino encoder libraries, especially those that use interrupts to trigger the state change. However, you may have to divide the output by 2 or by 4 to get one count per detent. This encoder is a nice solid unit, with a good feel to it.
- kenneth scharf, FL
Not a square wave output
This is a very nicely constructed device. Unfortunately it does not behave like any other optical encoder I have seen. Between detents, both the A and B outputs are logic low, as reviewer Mark has noted. As the knob/shaft Is rotated over the detent, pulses are produced and a rising edge on A for example occurs with B high for CW rotation and with B low for CCW rotation. Because of this behavior, with an Arduino it is not possible to use an encoder library. Interrupt driven operation should work though. On my unit, I do see occasional double pulses on A when crossing a detent, which is a fault.
- Ben, CT
Kind of Works
Only pulses when wheel is rotated. That is to say, A and B outputs are normally low .12V. While A\ and B\ are normally high 3.9V. When wheel is rotated the outputs functions as the timing diagram shows. Encoders I have used, hold their states when they are not rotated.
- Mark, MI
Verified Purchase
Good service from seller. Thank you and GOD bless.
Verified Purchase
Good seller. Good parts.

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