Doppler RADAR Motion Sensor 3.2GHz

Doppler RADAR Motion Sensor 3.2GHz
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View PDF Data Sheet

Doppler RADAR module using the RCWL-9196 chip that supports repeat trigger, and 360 degree detection area with no blind spot. Best sensitivity is component side.
Supports: Output On/Off
Adjustable repeat trigger time and detecting distance by
add the SMD components to the corresponding Pads
Power: 4-28VDC @ <3mA
Detection Range: ~5-9m
Frequency: ~ 3.2GHz
Transmitting Power: 20mW (typical); 30mW (max)
Output Level: ~3.4V High <0.7 Low
Output Drive: ~100mA
Output Timing: ~2sec Retrigger with motion
Operating Temperature: -20~80 celsius
Storage Temperature: -40~100 celsius
Terminals: 0.1 Pitch solder holes
L: 1-3/8” W: 13/16” H: 3/16” WT: .005

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Works fine but definitely not 360 degree detection
I am still experimenting, range at 5V is about 2-3m. and its pretty directional not the 360 claimed. I am using it with a WeMOS D1 Arduino also from MPJA and Home Assistant, lots of fun. See
- Brian Wilson, OR
More information
There is a github project to document this device. See
- Brian Wilson, OR
New use
Just mounted one of these into A Mason Jar connected to a low power transmitter. Now have a driveway alarm for less than $5.00! Use my Ham rig as the receiver. Solar powered to boot.
- Carl Lyster, TN
Unbelievable price for a radar
Worked to about 18 feet. Draws about 2.8 mA in standby.
- Frank, IA
Very sensitive
This detects human motion even thru an interior wall! Range about 20 feet, bigger objects perhaps further. Easy to hook-up and very low power.
- Carl L., TN