Digital Temperature Controller FAHRENHEIT

Digital Temperature Controller FAHRENHEIT
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Compact digital thermostat with isolated relay output and 3 digit 0.28 LED display.
Features:programmable set Points, Cool or Heat control, Hysteresis,
Delay and High Temp. Alarm.
Temperature Range: -58 to +230 Fahrenheit
Power: 12VDC
Current: <=35mA Relay open/<=65mA Relay energized
Refresh rate: 0.5sec. Resolution: 0.1F <99.9 F
1.0F for above 100F
Accuracy: Measurement : 0.1
Control: 0.1F
Relay: SPST-NO 20A/14VDC; 20A/125VAC
Sensor: Waterproof 10K ohm, NTC B3950 resistive probe (>15" leads)
Ambient Board Temp. Range: +15 to +140F;
Humidity: 20-85%
Terminal Strip for Power & Relay contacts.
L: 1-7/8 W: 1-9/16 H: 5/8 WT: .04

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Good product
I've bought quite a few of these and have been happy with my projects.. Plant heater control, Triops bowl base heater, displaying room temp. The last one I bought the lexan cover and keep it by my clock to see how hot/cold the room gets at night... I did add tinting to dim the display a bit. All told, it's been a good product with no returns.
- Inventor, MN
Great Little Temp Controller
Nice temperature controller for my generator shed. With the Sun on the shed it can get very hot in there. Fan in shed is to allow running generator with cover closed. When not in use this device works great to turn on fan and cool shed. Be sure to purchase the plastic box to protect the unit. It does keep the setting when power is removed. Not sure if it holds for a long period of time. Be sure to download the data sheet so you have directions to set up the unit. No problems with setting the unit. Nice controller.
- Ted, MI
Many issues
I typically dont write reviews, but felt this was an exception. The datasheet contains errors. Either that or this is a defective unit. Power Up reset does not return default values. I have had to do it manually. And, in my experience in engineering, hysteresis does not equal span. The datasheet says 0~15 and indeed if you exceed this setting, the module doesnt care, it remains at a max of 15 meaning that there is a 15 degree span between H/C. No amount of fiddling has effected a change, so I basically cant use it for its intended purpose. The LOW setting plus 15 will toggle the relay and that is it. Wish I had known before I built a 20 amp power module as an output controller. Wouldnt recommend - unless this is a defective unit. At this point, I cannot tell.
- Chadwick Pryson, TN
I had a wine cooler the Powerboard/controller for the peltier went junk. This worked perfectly & it shows temp. Glad I got the little plexy case too.
Tiny but powerful
Works great! Using it to control a 12 VDC cooling fan on an outdoor enclosure for my Cell Spot internet modem.
- Arthur R McKendry, WI
Great temperature controller
Im using mine to control a relay to control a 1000 watt electric heater to cure my epoxy resin projects
- Frank Dedon, NM
Nice little Controller
This is a simple bang-bang controller whose setpoint is adjustable over a wide range. It has a hysteresis setting but that simply sets a second point away from the actual setpoint at which its relay is closed not symetrical about the setpoint. Its probe is an NTC thermistor with a plug connection. As mentioned, the relay and some other components prevent the LED display from being flush mounted, however the display is bright and is easy to read. This controller works well for simple applications although the 20 Amp rating for its relay is probably a bit overstated. Using this controller to operate a heavier duty relay, perhaps a solid state relay, for large loads is the way to go, and then it can be a very useful controller in a small package.
Robert Dodson
Updated Review
I had reviewed this item previously and didnt like what I saw. Problem was that I got a defective unit! I have since received a replacement and it DOES retain its settings. I just wish that the connectors and relay were mounted on the back of the board so it could be easier to use. Other than that, this is a very nice temperature controller.
- Richard Schmidt, CA
Programmed settings not permanent
This is a nice unit but it looses its programmed settings after a power down. Im not sure how long the power can be removed before it resets but I found that it did not retain the settings if power was removed for more than a few minutes. I wish this information was contained in the product description. I was planning on using this in some battery powered equipment that could be powered down for hours or days and still retain the settings - didnt happen. Sad that this was not the case here.
- Richard Schmidt, CA
I ordered one of these, after hooking power to it and programming the board was so hot you could not touch it and then it died.
- Donald Wilson, TX
Verified Purchase
nice controller for those building a solar hot air panel from cans thanks
Verified Purchase
Beautiful American Made and fantastic priced product. Buy it people, It is Great
Good incubator control
Bought one of these for use as a temperature control on a diy chicken egg incubator. Works very well.
Digital Temperature Controller FAHRENHEIT
A really useful device. I have found many uses for these controllers. How could you even buy the parts for what these units cost? The units tolerate the temperature extremes of my geographic location and also seem to have a high ESD tolerance. The instruction sheet needs to be corrected for some items however; the spec on the Fahrenheit unit quotes the Celsius unit spec of minus 50. Fahrenheit spec is -58F before it LLLs. Menu P4 would be better stated as calibration not correction. Changing the calibration allows you to increase the sensor cable length and then re-trim it back in the P4 menu to former accuracy. I have used these temp controllers in a 4 stage peltier cooled night sky camera to control the cooling. A heatsink fan controller for a 100W Broadband minus green LED grow light . And a furnace flue booster fan control. All of the above just keep on working.
- Jim, MN
Works really well
Works great, temperature is very accurate. I used it for my RV hot water recirculation system and has been working flawlessly.
This is a 10 !
I use this device as the basis for my own commercial refrigeration thermostat by incorporating high current relays with it to start my motor loads. Thus far its been 100% reliable, easy to apply and very economical!
- Tom, FL
temp calabration
took for ever to calibrate.comes with instructions but not easy,too many variables to fool with.not for the impatient person. used mine to start digital timer when water boils for precisely timed soft boiled eggs.
- Jerry DeMas, PA

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