Digital Inductance-Capacitance Meter

Digital Inductance-Capacitance Meter
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Self contained, micro-processor based, Bare bone Mini Inductance/Capacitance meter for bench use. Great for testing and selection of components.
Power: 5VDC
Display: 2 X 16 Backlit LCD
Measuring Ranges:
Capacitance: 0.01pF -10uF
Hi Cap: 1uF-100mF
Resolution: 0.01uF
Accuracy: 0.01pF-1pF: 5%
1pF-1uF: 1%
1uF-10uF: 5%
Hi Cap: 1uF-100mF: 5%
Inductance: 0.001uH -100mH
Hi Ind: 100mH-1H
Resolution: 0.001mH
Accuracy: 0.001pF-1uH: 5%
1uH-100mH: 1%
Hi Ind: 100mH-1H: 1%
1H-100H: 5%
Power: 5.5X 2.1mm Coaxial Jack
USB Mini B Jack
Test: Terminal Strip with 3” Clip Leads
Includes 3ft. USB Power Cable
W: 3-1/4” H:T: 1-1/8” WT: .3

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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works great!
Yes, works great. I am using it to measure the inductance on my RF inductors I wind. And can test my silver mica capacitors. I can make sure that the marked "470" is 47 pF and not 470 pF, which is usually marked "471." And measure the ones with the markings that have worn off.
- R. R., LA
The L-C meter seems to work nice and measures below 1uH. Its worth the money. Advice1: Read the instructions. The zero button has to be held until the display says saved. Advice2: Theres a toroid inductor under the display. Glue it down so the little wires dont break.
Great wide range LC meter
The meter is quite stable and repeatable. Of course stray capacitance and metals need to be clear. It is a bargain and I am happy to add it to my RF LCR and other similar meters. X < > Y, Richard
- Richard Nelson, AZ
Excellent device
I just got this unit today and immediately started testing various coils and caps. It works as advertised. The only problem was the contrast of the screen was very low. I found that by soldering a 2.2K resistor from pin 1 to pin 3 of the display, the contrast was dramatically improved. This meter will be VERY handy in my radio building hobby. No more guesswork on winding coils, I can make them right on value.
- William Barnett, CT
Excellent Value
I had doubts about an L/C meter at this price being really useful, but this one is an excellent value. Easy to use and appears to be very sensitive and as accurate as I had the ability to check. Remember that when measuring air wound low inductance coils that any metal near them will affect the reading! Now I just need to get a case or mount it and I will be using it often.
- Arthur Roderick, GA
Amazing Device - Really Rocks for Low Inductance Measurement
This is a really impressive little device. Read the specs and was impressed by the very wide range of inductance and capacitance it could handle. Capacitance resolution really is 0.01pF and inductance resolution really is 1nH as in Nano Henry. I checked the latter by measuring the inductance of a small torroid coil with 22 turns of wire - 19.94uH -rated value was 22uH. Then I put short piece of wire through the toroid hole and measured the inductance again - 0.041uH. Theory says it should have been a factor of 22 squared lower - .041uH. Damn good! I also checked the high capacitance range - four 22,000uF 16V capacitors in parallel measured 92mF after an 8 second pause - dead-on. The low capacitance range does have one quirk - the capacitance must reach 0.10pF before a value is displayed. Higher values are then displayed with 0.01pF resolution. Be aware that this is an unenclosed circuit module, just as pictured. To protect from static discharge and other workbench accidents, it should be mounted in a small plastic project box.
- Hal Chamberlin, TX

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