Die Cast Aluminum Boxes


Use our Die Cast aluminum boxes when you need to shield your circuit from RFI. Cast aluminum is a cheaper way to provide protection, grounding and shielding than machined aluminum where the lighter wall thickness of the cast is acceptable. While not as easy to cut or drill as plastic, these cast boxes are much easier to use than machined and after fabrication and cleaning, can be painted. Some have internal grooves for boards. With full lid with Stainless screws, Die Cast Aluminum Enclosures are an economical as well as functional choice for your enclosure. Die Cast Aluminum Boxes, Die Cast Aluminum Enclosures our Die Cast aluminum boxes are used when shielding your circuit from RFI is important. Die Cast aluminum Enclosures are a good choice for durability as well as an attractive enclosure for your circuit dersign. Die Cast Aluminum Boxes, Die Cast Aluminum Enclosures, Watertight Project box

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