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Desoldering Station for Circuit Repair (ZD-915)

Desoldering Station for Circuit Repair (ZD-915)

19034-large.jpg  19034-1.jpg  19034-2.jpg  19034-3.jpg    California Proposition 65 Warning
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 Detailed Description
We do not include any printed materials of the following "Data Sheets". You will need to print from the following Document(s).
Economical desoldering station designed for use with lead free solders. Ergonomic pistol grip Head with trigger for rapid removal of solder. Displays both the Set Point & the Actual Tip temperature.
Temp. Range: 160-480Deg. "C"
Watts: 80W running/130W cold start heat-up
Power: 115VAC/ 60Hz.
Features: Internal vacuum pump, LCD Display, electronic temperature control, PTC Ceramic Heater, Readout in "F" or "C" . 3ft. cable/hose length.
Includes: 0.8, 1.0 & 1.3mm tips & 3 filter/traps.
WT: 11.3
Replacemant parts Available:
17208-TL: Handle/hose assembly
17209-TL Heater
17205-TL: 1mm tip
17206-TL: 0.8mm tip
17207-TL: 1.3mm tip
17210-TL: Small Solder Filter for Handle
17211-TL: Larger Filter for Base Unit

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California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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How to clean the metal Desoldering gun tube
If the metal tube get clog take the plastic or glass tube and the tip move it out of the way only Do this when the Desoldering gun is cool down take 1/6” drill bit and carefully drill the clog out clear until you get the cleaning tool to go through the metal tube then turn on the Desoldering gun with out the plastic or glass tube and take the largest diameter cleaning rod and keep sliding it back and forth until you do not see anything coming out of the metal tube once you have done this then put the Desoldering gun back together and and you are ready to rock and roll
- Sam, FL
Response to: Didnt Suck When I Wanted It To
Whos the knucklehead that grasps a small fragile glass tube with a pair of pliers and then is surprised when it shatters??
Didnt suck when I wanted it to
I bought this unit with a small project it mind. Desolder 3 PCB mounted relays with 8 pins per relay.It worked for the first two pins of the first relay. After those two with the temperature set at 250C it failed to draw the solder up from the joint. I cleaned the tube with the supplied pin and tried again. No real difference. Removing the vacuum tube from the base unit and sucking on it with the trigger pulled and the unit hot indicated that there was a clog. I used the cleaning pin to no avail. Following the directions to remove the glass tube/spring solder reservoir the back piece would not move far enough back to remove it with my hand. I used a pair of pliers to grasp the tube and the tube shattered. I am unaware of a source of replacement parts for this unit after an extensive search of the internet.
Victor Kieffer
Desoldering station long term service report
Ive had this rig for a year or so and it has never failed me, but I would advise anyone who owns one to stock up on consumables, which can be had on fleabay-ceramic filters, extra tips of all the proper sizes, and perhaps a spare gun as they are not too expensive. Cleaning before shutting down after each use is mandatory.
Excellent Desoldering Station !
Have used a lot of different brands of de-soldering stations over the past 25 years. People complaining about tips is unreasonable. You find this with all desolding stations. But look at the cost of a Weller tip and the cost of these is very reasonable. Wish they would have placed a holder for the clean out rods. Vacuum is stout and I used this unit for about 3 hours yesterday repairing a pc board and it was a pleasure to use. Get you one you will not regret the investment...
- Richard Hopkins, AR
NIcely reviewed but borderline junk
1. MPJ does not stock replacement accessories. Hence once depleted, unit cannot be maintained. 2. Ground lead to metal tip routed past very hot internals without asbestos covering. Self-destructed. 3. Use of glass for solder filter element poor design leading to breakage. 4. No retainer for filter element at end of coil spring making replacement dodgy. 5. Completely insufficient seals cause leakage that greatly reduces effectiveness, even when brand new.
4 1/2 stars
This is a very nice desoldering station This is the newer version which has a lot better switching power supply to controller for powering on The tip could be better - last longer than they do
This is a good desoldering on a scale of 1 to 10 I give it a 7 The biggest problem with it that the tips do not last long The other problem with older version was the power supply switching power IC chip failing
5 stars
Sucking Solder has never been so much fun!
- Wiley E Coyote, NJ
Good economical tooling
This works great on no lead solder joints. Well worth the money, but do yourself a favor and buy extra tips, filters, and a spare gun.
- Robert, IA
Great Unit for the cost, highly recommended!
Great unit, similar to unit that was reviewed by Dave Jones on the EEVBlog http://y2u.be/Ft50m8UU5WQ. Unit is a little louder than I expected, but it works great. De-soldering through hole components has never been easier. Buy some extra tips while you are at it!
- Brian, MI

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