DC Plug In Power Supplies


DC Plug In supplies are also known as "Wall Warts", "Wall Adaptors" or "Wall Supplies" and have been a part of the commercial and consumer equipment market for years. There are 3 types of DC Plug In Supplies: Unregulated, Linear Regulated and Switching Regulated. DC Output Plug In Supplies are generally in the 6V-48VDC output range with currents above 6 amps. or 150+watts. They are used widely with computers, TVs, DVD units, Phones, monitors, games just to name a few. Connections are usually an output cord with one of a vast array of connector choices. The Unregulated Linear Plug In Supply is a simple supply as it only contains a step down transformer, 1-4 rectifier diodes and a filter capacitor. The output does not remain constant with loading. A supply listed as "12VDC at 1Amp." might have an output of 17.5V with no load, 11.9-12.2V at full load (1A) and still provide 10VDC at a 1.5A load. Unregulated & Linear Plug In Power Supplies are limited to lower power to around 40 Watts because of the transformer and capacitor weight stress on the wall outlet. The input Voltage is limited to either 115VAC or 220VAC. The Linear Plug In Supply adds a regulator circuit to the basic unregulated design and provides a constant output voltage. Linear and Switching Plug In Supplies hold the output steady, varying only a few milivolts up to the load limit with low output noise and no RFI. A "Switching" Plug In Power Supply rectifies & filters the incoming AC line voltage, then switches the resultant high DC Voltage at a high frequency to reduce the size & weight of components but can have RFI emissions. Most Switching Plug In Power Supplies can operate over the 90-265VAC input voltage range. Drawing almost no power when not loaded, Switching Plug Power Supplies are quickly becoming the most used type in order to reduce wasted energy costs and comply with international standards. There are many output cord options from bare leads to just about any connector design. The most common is the 5.5mm OD X 2.5 or 2.1mm ID Coaxial or barrel connector. You should always check that the output connector matches your equipment. All carry safety certifications by the CE, UL, CSA, TUV or other listing companies and many are RohS compliant. DC Plug in Supplies, DC Plug Power Supply You will find the DC Plug In Power Supply for your application. Our line of DC Plug Power Supplies are both economical and of the highest quality. DC Plug in Supplies, DC Plug Power Supply, Plug-In DC Supply

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