DC-DC Adjustable DC Power Supply Module

DC-DC Adjustable DC Power Supply Module
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Snap-in, 35W adjustable buck-boost converter power supply module with constant voltage and current limit modes. Adjustable protection for:
Undervoltage (LVP), Overvoltage (OVP), Overcurrent (OCP)
Over Power W (OPP), Over Capacity Ah
Over Power (OPH)
Max Operating Time (OHP)
Dual 4 digit Backlit LCD Display
Input Voltage: DC 5V-30 V DC (Recommend that the Input voltage is > 7 V
if < 7 V, the output power will decrease)
Output Voltage: 0.6-30VDC
Output Current: 4A max Power Limited ~35W /50W Fan cooled
Voltage: 5% + 1 LSD Resolution: 0.01 V
Current: 8% + 3 LSD Resolution: 0.001A
Operating Temperature: -20C to 40C(-4F to 104F)
Conversion efficiency: ~ 88%.
Undervoltage( LVP): Adj. 4.7-30VDC, (default 4.7 V)
Overvoltage (OVP): Adj. 4.8-30VDC, (default 31 V )
Overcurrent (OCP): Adj. 0.5A-4.2A range (default 4.2A)
Over Power W (OPP): Adj. 1W-50W (default: 50W)
Overtemperature: 100 C
Max Capacity (OAH): 4 range Adj. 9.999/99.99/999.9 & 9999 Ah
Max Energy (OPH): 4 range Adj. 9.999/99.99/999.9 & 9999 Wh
Max Run Time: (OHP): 00:00-99.99 (HH:mm)
L: 79mm W: 42mm D:35mm WT: .2

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Impressive miniature power supply
Heatsink was loose. I unplugged upper board and removed two screws holding the heatsink. The heatsink presses against 2 transistors and a diode pack. There was no thermal paste. I applied thermal paste and also added a #4 split washer and flat washer for the central heatsink screw. I still gave 5* because this is amazing tech for the price. No-Load current across Vin range is on the order of 20mA when OFF, 40mA when ON. Control settings are a bit finicky and hard to figure out, but do work. When turned ON, the output rises with a time constant of about 100ms. There are separate settings for CC and OCP. CC limits the current, while OCP turns OFF the output.
- H Bustani, NV
Does not suck! I even accidentally reversed input polarity, and works
A handy little power supply, and great for an LED system Im setting up. For anyone that wants to print a case, I have an STL and OpenSCAD file for the supply with a fan and mount for aluminum extrusion. Fan and binding posts that I use are also from MPJA. Can email me at mcinsand at gmail.
- Stan McIntosh, NC