DC Constant Current Electronic Load Battery Tester

DC Constant Current Electronic Load  Battery Tester
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Snap-in panel meter/Load for testing and conditioning batteries.
Input Voltage: 5.0-30.0VDC (Polarity protected)
Load Voltage: 1.5-25.0VDC (Polarity protected)
Load Current: 0.00-5.00A 0.01A Resolution
Load Power: 35W Max
Current Regulation: (1%+3digits)
Voltage Regulation: (0.5%+1digit)
Over Voltage protection (OVP): default 25.2V (Adjustable)
Over Current protection (OCP): default 5.1OA (Adjustable)
Over Power protection (OPP): default 35.5W (Adjustable)
Over Temperature protection (OTP): ~ 80C (Fixed)
NOTE: Display will flash & display the Fault; i.e. OVP, OCP
Low Voltage protection (LVP): default 1.5V (Adjustable)
NOTE: For Battery Discharge Test:
Setting the LVP value can prevent battery over discharge
Operating Temp: -40 to ~85C
Auto Start Fan when the power is greater than 10W or the temperature is greater than 40C
L: 79mm W: 43mm D: 56mm WT: .3

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Very nice little gadget
Bought several, modified it to use an external heatsink and fan. Only need to move one component: a single TIP122 in a TO-220 package. The heatsink it comes with uses a 5V fan and can be readily repurposed because theres pre-tapped holes on it for screwing TO-220 devices. I was able to utilize the 5V output meant for that fan as a TTL bias for other experiments. Wish the max power limit can be adjusted but it has been working fabulously as a constant current source, variable current LED driver for a demonstration build, and to test various wallworts to see whether they really mean what they say on their label full load for 24 hours and see if it melts, when the device in your project calls for a high reliability power supply, these modules is economically the cheapest and most effective way to test them.
Good Battery tester
I like this variable constant electronic load. It is an all in one unit. It really does not test anything from 1.5 VDC or less. However, it is great when testing 2 or more batteries 1.2 V and 1.5 V cells I have had the unit for a number of months, and have made the unfortunate error of reversing the voltages, which I am not sure that may have also impacted the heat sensing circuitry. The fan must be in operation for this unit to work properly. With too much of a current load the unit will shut down dramatically, turns off. This unit needs 9 VDC to operate. I did my own supply to the onboard fan. I have like this little marvel, and may even purchase another one.
- Nick, NJ
Easy to use, accurate
This is the simplest battery current tester I have used. It only does one thing - provide a constant current load for testing the capacity of various cell/battery types: NiMh, Nicad, etc. I have used it with a 18V 2.2 AH Dewalt Nicad, and a couple of AA size cells. It will not test fewer than 2 cells as the minimum low voltage set point is 1.5V. The voltage and current display on this unit compared within 1% of a Fluke DVM. The device current load was not given in the data sheet. Using a 9VDC supply the idle current was about 40mA, and went to 140mA with the fan on.
- Gary, MO