Creative Digital LED Clock, 24Hr. Celsius

Creative Digital LED Clock, 24Hr. Celsius
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Interesting LED 24 hour (military time only) Digital Clock that Sequentially displays Year, Date, Time & Temperature (in “C”). Several selectable counting patterns of LEDs in a ring around the edge that mark off the seconds.
Power: 5VDC @ ~50mA
Hourly Pulse Beep ON/OFF
Settable Alarm Clock ON/OFF & Time
Settable Temperature Alarm ON/OFF, High & Low Alarm
Battery Backup for Settings & Time values only (no display)
Battery: CR2032
USB Mini B Power connector
Includes 3ft. USB cable
SQ: 3-3/8" D: 3/4" WT: .2

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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The AM PM model has no power back troubles
I grew up in 24hr world. Power up problem solved: Just run another PB from the rear reset one to the front panel. I think this is a perfect car clock for the old Ford Excursion failing on. Ad an outside temperature sensor. Yes your latest bling bling cell phone goes on the dash and has it all! Full schematics are on the web searching for EC1204 published by Darian
- JD Hackhouse, NT
Annoying firmware
These are attractive in operation and well-made. Wish they had used some of the code space to allow turning off date+temp mode. I do not need the temp 4x per minute and do not need it in coarse C degrees ever. Likewise the year, I can remember it. As others have noted, 24hr time is annoying, I am not in the EU. Did not really need the 5 or 6 options for seconds display either, but they are at least cute.
Amusing, but a couple flaws
Its great looking and works well except for one missing feature and one design flaw. First, get used to reading the temperature in Celsius as thats the only option. No big deal - we should all get a better feel for Celsius anyhow. The bigger issue is that the clock comes up in an indeterminate state from power on. That is a design flaw. So, even though there is a battery backup for the clock chip you wont see the clock again after a power cycle until you manually press the reset button. You might see a few leds stuck on or something like that. That sort of ruins it for me.
- Scott T, FL
Get One!
Who thinks of and makes these great gizmos? Get one! Or two...
- JIm Brown, MA
Fun board
This toy is better known under the name EC1204B. This used to be sold on banggood with a bluetooth module based on HL1009C. You can find some firmware dumps, schematic etc. by searching the EC1204B name.
- Ken Fister, NC
I bought a few of these units. Took one into work and seems like a hit! You can change the second hand display by pushing the plus and then the mode.
- R S, NJ
Amazing Eye-Candy, What about Bloetooth Header Connection?
I love the active display. For a slightly more subtle effect, mount the clock behind a smoked acrylic face. Does anybody have any information on how to utilize the Bluetooth header connector on the clock PCB? How about a manufacturer Name/Model Number?
- J Douglas Heath, OK
Just Plain Fun
I purchased one of these clock units because it seemed to have the strange combination of features my astro-lapse application needed. The 24 hour time is not an issue since I am using it to display UT... universal time. UT is always in 24 hour format anyway. I use the seconds ring to insure my shutter clacks from time lapse frames are on time and spaced correctly. The temperature display I use to tell me when it is time to turn on the anti-dew heaters. However after using it, it was so much fun I had to get two more for wall clocks for my garage and lower level workshops. In looking at the seconds display it reminded me of my late brothers LPD factor criteria for evaluating mid 1970s stereo components. This clock certainly has an exceptionally high Lights Per Dollar factor. Get one while they are still available.
This thing is awesome!
If you like lots of blinking LED lights then this is the ticket. I do wish it could be changed to 12 hour time - it only displays 24Hr military time, and that there was an option for the temperature display to show in Fahrenheit units. But these critiques are tiny, the display alone is way COOL. Pleasantly surprised!

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