Copper Clad Boards


Printed Circuit Boards with bare copper are called “Copper Clad” or raw board. A Printed Circuit Board is an insulated “Board” made from a phenolic plastic impregnated type of paper, fiberglass mats in an epoxy, an insulated copper or other metal core or Teflon/plastic sheet. A Copper Clad PC board is a sandwich of alternating conductive layers & insulating layers. Our circuit board material is standard .062in. thick with 1oz. Copper/sq.ft./side. These layers can have a single layer of copper over the insulator called; Single sided Printed Circuit Board, two layers of conductor (1 each side); generally called Double Sided or you can have in excess of 40+ layers. With home made Copper Clad Boards you are constrained to 2 sides. To fabricate a Printed Circuit board from a Copper Clad Board, you must generate a pattern of traces (Lines & Pads) to interconnect your components. These traces can be drawn onto the board, Screened on the board or the copper can routed off the board using a programmed computer controlled router (1 & 2 Sided). Screening or drawing on the copper clad board requires using a special ink that will protect the copper from an acid etch to remove the un-needed copper, Now you can use a one of several computer programs to generate a photographically reproducible layout of the traces layer by layer that is used to create screen(s). By selective etching you have removed the un-needed copper. Boards are generally coated with either Tin or Solder to protect the copper. Copper Clad Boards Buy one of our Copper Clad Boards for completing your Printed Circuit Board Designs. We sell quality Copper Clad Boards. Copper Clad Boards, Copper Printed Circuit Boards

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