Constant Voltage or Current LED or Li Battery Driver/Charger

Constant Voltage or Current LED or Li Battery Driver/Charger
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Detailed Description

Non Isolated, adjustable DC/DC Buck (Step Down) Converter, Driver, Regulator with adjustable Constant Voltage out or adjustable Constant Current output for charging batteries or driving LEDs
Input: 5-35VDC Output: 1.5-30VDC
Input/Output Differential: 2V min.
Rated Current: 3A (10Watt limit without Heatsink)
Current limit: adj. 0-3A sets Max current
Charge Adj. : sets the threshold of toggle the Charg/Full Charge LEDs
Regulation: 1%
L: 2" W: 15/16" H: 5/8” WT: .06

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California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Not Working?
I am trying to get this working to charge a 3-cell lion pack, but the leds dont go on and the current limit seems to do nothing power led on, I can adjust the output voltage, meter shows 12v and 2 amps into the battery. the other trims do nothing. I tried a second one, same thing.
Jack Murray
Finally I think Ill get one.
The thing that stopped me from getting one before was Skip Frisbees complaint. These only buck, dont boost. But with item 34665 available boosts 12 V to 24 V, I can use this to build a 12V regulated battery charger from a 12 V source.
- Tom, VA
Good at what its for.
CV-CC works as advertized and very well too. FYI, set the desired voltages without load or with minimal load then set the max current. I use it for 18650 liPo calls set to 4.15 and 900ma for 2.8ah cells
Allison Parent
At least 1 beef
I was hoping they were Buck - Boost regulators, but theyre only Bucking. In other words, the input voltage has got to be higer than the output voltage, Waaa.
- Skip Frisbee, CA
Awesome LED Driver
I design specific LED drivers for a living.... As a general purpose driver, this has no peers... At the moment, I am using this power supply to drive 24 inch sticks of 32 white leds arranged as 4 sets if 8 LEDs in series connected as 4 sets in parallel 12 Watts total, so I am using a small heat-sink on the regulator chip for a requirement of 24.8 Volts max 23.8V min at 0.5 Amps. As the LEDs warm up, their forward voltage drops keeping the current constant. This supply is so accurate, that the terminal voltage could be used to measure the substrate temperature of the light engine.
- Wayne Olmsted, FL
For constant R voltage and current are inversely related! Circuit works, 5 star, period.
Working as advertised
Folks it is constant current OR constant voltage not both at the same time. In order to maintain constant current the voltage has to adjust in relation and vice versa. This is normal.
Perfect for CV/CC
Only hiccup is tweaking current or voltage affects the other. Im using it for a LED and to avoid burning out a motor with too much current. Lots of power in a small package, and very versatile. When youve established the correct settings with your benchtop, just tweak this.
- t z, WA
Great multipurpose PS
It has enough current for large LEDS, or charging large Lithium batteries - it appeared to be set for that when it arrived 4.2v. Im using it to power a motor that has a heavy load limit the current to prevent burnout, but let it spin up. For projects where you need both voltage and current limiting its great. The only difficulty is the three resistors seem to interact - adjust the voltage and the charge indicator is lost. Change the current and the voltage drifts. Just a bit, but you will need a pair of meters and a lot of iterations to get it perfect. That takes away the 5th star - Im a bit nervous about the precision until I verify the settings. The holes for the power in and out are also a bit small for some wires but not really a problem.
- t z, WA