Bulk LED Specials


Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs have been commercially available since the late 1960s. Today they are readily available as singles or as Bulk LEDs in packages of 100, 1000 or more. Available loose, in tubes, film or tape & reel; the decision to purchase bulk LEDs has several advantages. For projects requiring many LEDs in a single color(s), buying Bulk LEDs or Discrete LEDs can save you many dollars and cut down on paperwork. Additional advantages are that in general, Bulk LEDs tend to be packaged with LEDs made from the same factory wafer production run, from a single vendor so many physical attributes are the same and the electrical specifications will have smaller variations. These variations affect brightness, voltage, color etc; so purchasing Bulk LEDs can keep your product less expensive and consistent in LED and Display appearance. Using Reeled or film packaged Discrete LEDs allows the use of automatic handling and assembly equipment to speed production and increase quality, no more hand mounting on boards. Bulk LEDs Specials, Discrete LEDs Buying Bulk LEDs can save you meney. Our Large packaging of Bulk LEDs makes it economical to purchase Discrete LEDs Bulk LEDs, Discrete LEDs

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