Benchtop Power Supplies


We offer a large selection of Benchtop Power Supplies also called Lab or Laboratory Supplies. The name "Benchtop Power Supply" is a misnomer and refers to any self contained portable DC Power Supply that can be moved to various locations and can be Regulated or Un-regulated. Our Variable Benchtop Power Supplies provide regulated outputs. Bench top Supply generally refers to a Power Supply that is used for general design, repair, instructional or testing purposes. This includes both Fixed and Variable output supplies. Some have accurate 0.05% or better Voltage output value and either fixed or adjustable maximum current that can be provided. Some supplies have dual or triple outputs and feature the ability to have adjustable, fixed or tracking outputs in one convenient unit. Tracking supplies have 2 or more outputs that will automatically hold the outputs at a constant ratio such as + & - 5VDC or +-12VDC. Adjustable Benchtop supplies provide regulated voltage and/or current and will hold one parameter value constant while another complies to load requirements. Some feature a true "Constant Current" mode where the supply will provide a user adjustable current into a "Dead" short while other supplies offer an adjustable "Current Limit" where the output switches from a regulated voltage to a user set constant current when the load exceeds the setting. Our Bench supplies have convenient front panel mounted controls, either LCD or LED digital meters, and Output connections to provide easy setups, logging and parameter adjustments during use. offers many Voltage and Current ranges in our line of Variable Benchtop Power Supplies. Models include 0-18VDC/3A, 0-30VDC/5A, 0-30VDC/20A, 060VDC/10Aand 0-120VDC/3A in several case styles. While some of our Variable Power Supplies have only one voltage output, we also carry dual output Benchtop Power Supplies. This will allow you to maintain two separate variable voltage outputs simultaneously. Whether you are a hobbyist, instructor or an industrial electronics firm, every workbench needs to have a Reliable Benchtop Power Supply. See below for our current line of Benchtop Power Supplies. Benchtop Power Supply, Variable Bench Power Supplies We carry a full line of Benchtop Power Supplies at A Variable Benchtop Power Supply is a necessity for general design, testing or instructional purposes. Benchtop Power Supplies, Variable Bench Power Supply, Adjustable Power Supply

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