Battery Low Voltage Alarm - 12V

Battery Low Voltage Alarm - 12V
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Compact Battery protection module for 9-12V battery voltage monitoring, with buzzer & LED alarm. When battery drops below set voltage, the buzzer beeps & the LED lights; When the battery voltage rises above the set value, the alarm resets.
Voltage Range: 6-15V Max No Overvoltage Protection
Adjustable Set Point for individual battery types.
Reverse polarity Protected.
Connection: Terminal Strip.
L:W: 13/16” H: 9/16” WT: .02

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Doesn't work as voltage drops below 10 V
I expected that this would be making noise from the set voltage point down to 5 or 6 volts. Unfortunately, when I find my battery down to 10 volts, this gadget is dark and silent. As I attach the charger it lights up and chirps for a second as the voltage rises. What good is this?
Charles Hall
Not sure how this is supposed to work
I was expecting this device to remain quiet until the specified voltage was reached, then screech. In testing on my workbench with a battery and 5K potentiometer it squeaks softly for a variety of voltages approaching the specified voltage, then screeches loudly only at a much lower voltage. So I adjust to begin squeaking at 11.5 V but don't get a real screech until 10 V. So either this is not behaving as I expected or my test set up is flawed.
- Charles Hall, NC
MPJA Response
Customer did return them, tested the four opened parts all tested good. Ether they did not know how a multi turn pot works or you need to adjust the pot clockwise to lower the set point. David
- David Jones, FL
Ordered ten of these, unpacked and wired up four of them with 16g wire and alligator clips. When I went to calibrate the alarm voltage they immediately alarmed and would not shut down until the voltage was above 13.9VDC no matter what I did with the adjustment screw. This makes them absolutely useless. I will be sending them back but do not like having to pay shipping to return DEFECTIVE merchandise. I did not try the other six as I decided to leave them in the original packaging. I was using a variable voltage DC source with a multi meter attached so I know that it was the units themselves that were bad.
Does exactly what it says...
All of the specifications match what is given. These things are loud, tiny and easy to setup. They are also very inexpensive for what you get.
- Randall Fountain, FL
Power hungry battery monitor
Idle current at 12V is: 10mA, Current when driving alarm is: 70mA
- Hooman Bustani, NV
12V disconnect alarm
Using in camper to add 12v disconnect alert, primarily for LP detector. Used 4 16v/1500uF capacitors to power it. 12v in is thru a 0.2 amp light bulb, helps with charge spike but more to draw off residual system power before alarm, then thru diode so caps dont feed source. Takes it about half a second to trigger due to minimal self consumption of power, before it draws down the capacitors enough to trigger. Once triggered, capacitors drive alarm for about 1 1/2 seconds. Stoked. Size is really small. Had my doubts after opening the package, buzzer is only about 1/2in. But sound is piercing-no ignoring it or not hearing it. Amazed. Not this units purpose but it served mine perfectly