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Analog Panel Meters

Analog Panel Meters are available as Moving coil, Iron Vane or Taut Band. All depend on the torque produced by a current flow in a magnetic field so all Analog Panel Meters are current operated. The Iron Vane Panel Meter uses the attraction of a piece of iron in the coil and is not polarity sensitive. An internal or external resistance plus the resistance of the coil wire determines the current flowing. The strength of the magnet & the torque resistance of the support mechanism then control the deflection of a pointer. In a Analog Panel meter; this torque is restrained by precision springs. Attached to this coil shaft is the meter “needle” or “Pointer”. The shaft is supported by tiny low friction “jewels” as bearings or metal strips called Bands. As the coil/vane moves in the field the springs/bands counter the motion until the forces are equal. When the coil/vane moves so does the pointer, this is known as Deflection. The scale that the pointer transverses, is then marked in whatever units that being measured. AC Analog Meters work much the same way with the exception that the AC voltage is first converted to a DC current or an Iron Vane Panel Meter is used. Some uses require meters that are not standard or would have hazardous inputs. In this case we must use “Scaling” resistors, voltage dividers, Current Shunts (DC Amps), Current Transformers (“CT” AC Amps) or Potential Transformers (“PT” AC Volts). Analog Panel meters are usually specified as having “Class” This is really a fancy way of stating the accuracy at “Full Scale”. Available as Class 1, 2.5 etc, a class 2.5 meter has a +-2.5% margin of error. Find the Analog Panel Meter for your project. With our selection of Analog Panel Meters, you are sure to be able to find the right Analog Meter. Analog Panel Meter, Analog Meter, Meter with Analog Movement

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