Adjustable DC Voltage Regulator Module , LM317

Adjustable DC Voltage Regulator Module , LM317
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Compact, Non-isolated, adjustable linear voltage regulator module utilizing a LM317 IC for a wide range input/output voltages. Built in heat sink and filter capacitors. Ten turn voltage adjustment pot. Easy to connect terminal strips for input/output voltage. Small enough to build into projects. Ideal for converting 5V to 3.3V on those Arduino experiments.
Input: 4.2 – 40VDC
Output Voltage: ~1.2-37V Vin -3V (4.2V-40Vin)
Input to Output Differential: 1.6V Min
Output Current: 1.5 A
Regulation: 0.01%/V
L: 1-7/16” W: 5/8” T:WT: .02

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View PDF Data Sheet

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Great device for the money, but it overheats with low current draw
I build electrical training equipment and I have purchased over 100 of these units. So far, I have only found 1 bad one out of several dozen used so far. My problem with them is that I have a circuit with two other modules in it also bought here that are connected to the regulator module. They draw less than 15mA each, but the regulator gets hot during operation. I went from 24V from a switching supply down to 10V for the modules. The LM317 should be capable of 1A, so I am not sure why the module is getting hot. I tried several other modules and the problem is the same. I was hoping that I would not need a fan on that piece of equipment I built, but being in an enclosure, I will definitely need to do it. If anyone knows why this is happening, please let me know. The switching PS should not be causing the issue, IMO. Ill try putting on a filter capacitor to see if that helps.
- Sean C, CA
Verified Purchase
Great Product Fast service A+++
OK device
This is a good little regulator if you dont need a very low output voltage. I used one to replace a AA battery and set it to 1.5v and it worked for about 10 minutes and then failed. I thought it was just that one but a second unit failed in the same way. Seems like the scaling resistors are wrong and when using for a low output the pot heats up and fails.
Almost wonderful but great for the price.
I bought 5 of these because it would take many $$$ more to build them. One of the 5 proved to be defective when I tested them, the 317 shorted out. Ill probably just replace it with an LM350. They should have used about 350 ohms for R1 because the 200 ohms wastes much of the pots range. The pot should be mounted 180 degrees from the way it is. That way CW rotation will increase output voltage AND it would keep the heat sink from interfering with captive adjustment tools. So I would give future production units 5 stars if they bumped up R1 to around 350 ohms and reversed the pot mounting. The mfg. costs should be the same. Basing it on the LM350 would make the same board even better.
- Joe Stanko, IL
Good little supply
Can be a little tricky to get exactly the voltage you want, but they do a great job for the price. I use a ton of these for Arduino, lasers and video. They are great for POE.
- Rick Jensen, FL