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Adj. DC/DC Boost Converter, 5-30VDC, 50W

Adj. DC/DC Boost Converter, 5-30VDC, 50W

31936-large.jpg  360-3D.jpg    California Proposition 65 Warning
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 Detailed Description
Higher power, Non Isolated, Step up (Boost) adjustable DC/DC Converter with In/Out Voltmeter. Uses a LTC1871 Chip and a power MOS transistor with attached heatsink. Onboard switch for selecting Input or Output readout on meter and a switch for meter power.
Solder/Terminal strip In/Out.
Includes standoffs.
Input: 3-30VDC
Output: 5-35VDC
Rated Current: 6A (50Wmax Output)
Regulation: 1%
L: 2-5/8" W: 1-3/4" H: 1/2” WT: .08

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
(This item was manufactured prior to August 31st, 2018)

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Heatsink add
William Barnett is correct in his pan of the heatsink adhesive. Mine have fallen off just in handling and wiring up. Now, I always remove the supplied sticky tape, and glue the sink on with MG heat conductive epoxy, also from MPJA. No problems.
Starts 40watts LEDs cold start
With 6 volts input from a battery, this unit has started four 12volt, 10 watt LED drivers in parallel. With 12volts input from a battery, it has started two, 35volt, 20 watt LED drivers. No problems here.
- Alan, KS
DC - DC Boost Converter Startup Issues
Two things to know about this unit. 1 the left button toggles the display on/off, the right button toggles the display between input voltage/output voltage. 2 the unit WILL NOT start up under a load. I intended to use it to run some 28 V devices from 12 volts. I used a 32 ohm power resistor as a dummy load. If you apply 12 volts to the unit, then connect the load, it starts up and puts about 1 amp into the load - 30 watts. However, if you apply 12 volts to the device with the load connected, you get 12 volts - the input voltage - at the output, and the green POWER LED stays off. Its a nice, compact little converter and has good regulation but you need to be aware of the startup conditions.
31936 DC-DC Boost Converter Additional Info
I stated this unit will not start up under load. I set it for 28 volts output and tested it using a MPJA variable bench supply set to 12 volts for the input and a 32 ohm wirewound power resistor for the load. With that setup it does not start under load. However, using a 12V lead-acid battery for the input power, the unit DOES start up under load. So depending on how you provide input power and what your startup requirements are, this item may or may not work for you.
I just got this today, and tested it with my variable power supply. It will hold the output steady with an input all the way down to about 4 volts! I was using a 1 amp, 10v load. Output set to 10v. Naturally, the current being drawn from the power supply increases to compensate as the voltage is lowered. This is an EXCELLENT module! Note that if the power supply voltage rises ABOVE the setting of the regulated output, the output will also rise with it, at about 0.2v less. [15v in, 14.8 out] You can use this to regulate a wall wart supply, as long as the wart can handle the current! Or to use a 5v power supply to run something needing 13.8v, again, being mindful of the current. My only complaint is how the heatsink is held in place. It uses some kind of double-stick tape that isnt very secure.
- William Barnett, CT

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