AC Dimmer, or Speed Control, 2K Watts, 220VAC

AC Dimmer, or Speed Control, 2K Watts, 220VAC
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Detailed Description

Improved 2KW Mini dimmer control board using the
Connects in series with Load
Volts: 50-220VAC 50/60Hz
Max Current: 8A
Does not contain any RFI/EMI filtering
L: 2” O/A W: 2-1/4" O/A H: 1-1/4" WT: .1

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California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Wiring diagram?
I tried to use this controller, but apparently I did something wrong. I followed the online pdf file and even switched the white/black AC lines My green wire is ground and according to the directions is used as one of the AC inputs?! However, I do not see a variation in AC voltage or current output irrespective of the wiring what is supposed to change as the pot is changed?. I would greatly appreciate if the first reviewer JAD, FL send me a copy of his wiring diagram my email is!!
Robert Gill
Operable with caution
Basic triac control, as above no rfi suppression and at 120 volts heat sink undersized for anywhere near 8 amps. Wiring diagram not for any USA electrical code, if used will break neutral while leaving line always hot. Simple fix, just reverse leads. No ground terminal. Heatsink is NOT live to either line or neutral as triac has internal insulated ceramic pad isolator. Having noted that would not allow sink to contact any metal case you may put it in, in case of catastrophic failure. Terminals sized for know known USA approved line cords. Use caution. However, was able to mount in standard enclosed outlet box with ground and add 3 pole plug and socket. Works well on my HF 5 amp grinder on gfci protected line.
With some adjustment, working fine on Dremel. How can I test for the RF this is said to emit? Can I find it on a radio? Yeh, you Barry! Ive neighbors Id love to pester. Can it be optimized for RF? Thanks, zapp
- zappenfusen Arnsdorff, GA
Not 2 Kw. Underpowered.. but works if you keep it 8A or less.
Lets start with the simple math: It says the dimmer is for 220VAC 8A maximum. That is only 1760 watts, not 2000. At 120VAC 8A, it will do less than 1000W.. so, forget using it with your big router, circular saw or 2 500W quartz lamps. Compare your requirements with its capabilities before purchasing. Also, they mention that it has no filtering. It will put out a lot of hash switching noise on the power line. As always, keep your AC wiring far away from microphone or sensor cables, as well as logic-level signals. And be ready with a good story if your neighbors call.
- Barry Steele, SC