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5M White LED Lighting Strip, 12VDC, Indoor/Outdoor

5M White LED Lighting Strip, 12VDC, Indoor/Outdoor

19434-large.jpg  33111-1.jpg    California Proposition 65 Warning
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 Detailed Description

5m long, Weather resistant (IP-65), PVC encapsulated, flexible strip of LEDs on 17mm C/C (300 Total LEDs). 12VDC operation 2.0A max current draw. 120 deg. view angle. 3in. leads on one end. Can be cut every 3 LEDs (50mm)
Power: 12VDC @ <100mA
Individual LED Intensity: ~800mcd
Luminous Flux/1m: ~660 lumens
CCT: 5000-6500K (Cool White)
Peel-N-Stick Backer. CE/RoHS
L.: 5m W: 8mm T: 2mm WT: .24

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California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
(This item was manufactured prior to August 31st, 2018)

 Product ReviewsClick here to review this item
Good value, bright color, good weather resist, BUT
I like this product and the bright white color temperature, which is what I prefer for illumination. It was a good value also. Unfortunately, that color temp is lost when the heat generated from the LEDs cause the weatherproof overcoat to yellow. Now I have a dull yellow light where before I enjoyed the cool white.
Very good quality.
My wife wanted lighting installed in our pantry cabinet. Its deep and very dark inside. I cut the strip into eight 5 segment strips and attached them on both sides of each shelf. I used a 12V power adapter to power them and a magnetic switch to turn them on when the doors are opened. Its very bright inside the cabinet now and things are much easier to find. Wife is happy! Im currently adding some shelves over my workbench to hold test equipment and I purchased another strip to attached under the bottom shelf to give me more light on my bench. I have used other brands of light strips in the past and these are much brighter. If you are cutting the strips and dont want to solder wires to the shorter lengths, you can purchase 8mm light strip pigtails. MPJA part number 31533.
- William Justic, IL
can these be put on a dimmer
Less than perfect
The strips are organized in sub units in 3 led chips in series w/130 ohm resistor; 20 units to a meter-5 meters = 300 led. Someone has spliced these a couple of times so there are less than 300 leds. Color clashes badly with natural color wood steps. Makes me wonder how theyll last.
Richard Jennings
Common mis-application problems & solutions
For those who have not used LED strips much, there is one common issue you need to understand before taking points off of a review, or being frustrated with the performance. While you can power the entire strip from one end, you will experience drastic performance reduction at the far end from the DC power. The +/- power conductors in the strip are not up to that task, as they have significant resistance. Try it, measure the Voltage at the +/- connections at the far end as compared to the end being powered, and you will see just how much is lost. or compare light output at both ends This is common on ALL long LED strips - as far as Im aware. If you must use the entire length un-cut, I recommend running a pair of +/- power wires along with the strip, and attaching power to BOTH ends of the strip. This will give you a marked increase in light consistency, and increase the overall brightness. Its really best to use short sections wired in parallel.
- Ron, MO
Led Strip Specs
I do not find that the given specs match this item. I get 930ma draw at 12.0 volts and about 1060 lumens for the entire strip, not 660 lumens per meter. Nice encapsulation though.
Jim F
Excellent area lighting, great value!
I used this to replace the fluorescent lamp on my workbench mounted under the instrument shelf. It provides plenty of light, and because it runs the full length of the bench there are never any shadows. The color temperature is really good too - not that irritating blue white, but not overly yellow either; its just right for a work environment. I just used a left-over 12-volt adapter to power the strip, which works fine. The reason I took off one star is that these seem to have been on the shelf for quite a while. As a result, the self-adhesive strip has taken a set in the roll, so when its unrolled it tends to buckle and is difficult to get to lie flat. It can be done, and the adhesive is still plenty sticky, so its really only a very minor quibble. If I could have taken only half a star, I would have.
- Mark Moulding, CA
Excellent Light Source
These LED strips are awesome! They are very bright, easy to hook up in just about any length or configuration you may need and can fit in tight spaces. Ive mounted some in aluminum channel Home Depot item under the kitchen cabinets to really light up the work area; can work in many other applications. I used a 12v supply similar to p/n 19466 PS + a p/n 19454 PL adapter + some wire to hook it all together. A seriously great bargain!
- Bryan in FW, TX

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