3-1/2 Digit Backlit Digital Multimeter

3-1/2 Digit Backlit Digital Multimeter
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Detailed Description

3-1/2 digit, 15mm (.6”) char. Ht. LCD digital multimeter. Features HOLD Button, backlight button (~5sec. on). With 9V battery, test leads & instructions. Fuse & Diode protected (not 10A range). Green protective Boot. CE listed. Cat II use. Not Auto Turnoff
DC VOLTS: 200mV,2,20,200,600,
Accuracy .5% +- 3 LS digit (600V .5% +- 5 LSD)
DC CURRENT: 200uA, 2, 20, 200mA, 10A,
Accuracy: 200uA,2mA: 1% +- 3 LS digit,
20mA: 1% +- 5 LSD
200mA: 1.5% +- 3 LSD
10A: 3% +-10 LSD
AC VOLTS: 200, 600V,
Accuracy 1.2% + 10 LS digit,
40-400Hz. Ave. Responding, 600V RMS/DC Max
RESISTANCE: 200,2K,20K,200K,2M Ohm,
Accuracy: 200 0.8% +- 5 LS Digit
2K, 20K, 200K 0.8% +- 2 LSD
2M 1% +- 5 LSD
250V RMS Max.
Diode Displays forward drop (using the 2K ohm Range)
hfe 0-1000 Ib =10ua/Vce=3V
Buzzer: Sounds resistance <100 ohms
H: 5-3/4” W: 2-7/8” D: 1-1/2” WT: .8

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Great Meter, a bit of a QC problem inside
This is an EXCELLENT meter and has been my main DVM for years and I even bought a second one as a spare! However, after many years I had a problem today getting a consistent reading on the 2VDC scale. Opening the meter I found half a dozen pads with components that were not soldered in place on the back of the PCB. I soldered all but one of those and that was a pad with no trace going to it. Tested after this and works as good or BETTER than new. For the price or even more a fantastic value.
- Arthur Roderick, GA
Price to performance is superb.
Nice size and packaging. Very nice display. Compares right along side of my $200 Fluke. Had it apart to see if I could increase the volume of the continuity checker beep. Built well and easy to open etc. The ONLY minor issue. If you are old like me and your hearing is no longer 20hz to 15K, the beeper volume is a little to high in hertz and thus low on volume to me : A EXCELLENT buy in any case.
- Jim Schings, KY
Great CAT II meter for price
I checked several things with this meter, AC V, DC V, continuity, and ohms, after getting this meter just to make sure it worked. It is great. If you get one have a good 9V battery handy because you cant expect a $3 Duracell to come with a $15 meter. The only negative thing I have found was when checking the fuse so I could get a spare. I figured this was important if ever messed up by checking volts or current with the switch in ohms. The fuse is one with leads soldered into board, and it is easier to get another meter than one of these type fuses many places
Andrew Love
Great Product
Great Product! I use mine to test all of my circuits whether they are functioning or not just to be safe.

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