24 Volt Power Supply


The 24 volt power supply has become a popular supply for use today. The 24 Volt Power Supply is a outgrowth of the 12V common battery voltage. A 24 Volt supply provides more available power for a moderate increase in size. With the advent of solid state equipment the move to more powerful consumer devices for use in home and office required more powerful supplies. The large linear supply known for it rugged construction, low radiated noise is being replaced by the availability of compact and affordable 24 Volt switching power supply. The linear 24V Power Supply is still popular in audio, lighting and sensor applications. Switching 24 Volt Power Supplies are widely used in medical, communication, automation and other OEM designs where size, portability of equipment, low heat and intrinsically fail-Safe operation is desired. Most all 12V Power Supplies offer either a dual 90-125V (115)/180-265 (220/240) VAC switchable or a 90-265V Universal input. Our depth of linear and switching 12 volt power supplies will fill your needs; weather a compact commercial wall plug unit to an industrial high wattage OEM supply. Available as single output open frame linear, Adapter style, Wall Plug (Wall Wart), DIN mount, board and enclosed switching types. Other models feature a 24 volt power supply with 5 Volt, + &- 12 Volts or multiple outputs with 24 Volts in combination with 5, 12, 15, 24 volts to suit your project needs. All have safety certifications by the CE, UL, CSA, TUV or other listing companies and our OEM supplies are RoHS compliant. 24 Volt Power Supply, 24V Power Supplies Browse through our selection of 24 Volt Power Supplies. you will find the 24V Power Supply that will fit your Power Supply needs. 24 Volt Power Supply, 24V Power Supplies, 24 V Switching Power Supply, 24 Volt Linear Power Supply