18mm Heat Shrink Tubing


Known as Shrink, Shrink Tubing, Shrinkable tubing, Heatshrink tubing and Shrinkable Sleeves; Heat shrink tubing is a thermoplastic polymer that was mechanically expanded when made, that when heated, will reduce in diameter to its original size, while maintaining its length. 3/4. Heatshrink is widely used in automotive, telecom, electrical, aerospace, and consumer goods. The 3/4in. Shrink Tubing is polyolefin and is designed to shrink in diameter by at least 2/1 (50%). Our 3/4in. Heat Shrink tubing is used in: tagging/identification of cables, tubing, cable strain relief, friction protection and as insulation of larger terminal lugs. 3/4in. is used in industrial and shipboard electrical wiring. 3/4in. is also used for covering and protecting larger components such as inductors, cores and connector shells. 3/4in is available in Black Dual Wall with hot melt glue that melts as the shrink tubing shrinks to totally encapsulate the joint. Shrink down with hot air gun or oven. 3/4in. Heat Shrink Tubing is available in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Violet, Clear and Black. 3/4" Heat Shrink Tubing, 3/4 inch Shrinkable Tubing, 0.75 Heatshrink 3/4 inch Heat shrink tubing in different lengths and colors. Ideal for 0.75 or 3/4" shrinkable tubing jobs 3/4" heat shrink, 3/4 inch shrinkable tubing, 0.75 heatshrink, heat-shrink

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