12VDC Mini Air Pump, USED

12VDC Mini Air Pump, USED
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Detailed Description

Power: 12VDC nom @.3A
Port: 0.19” hose Bib output
Diaphragm, oilless air pump rated 2.0l/min. no load. Max pressure: 350mmHg. Plastic pump body. For use in coffee units, lab equipment, blood pressure monitors, sampling inst. Single hole stainless mounting bracket. 1/2" leads
L: 3" O/A W: 1-1/2" H: 1-1/8” WT: .14

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
(This item was manufactured prior to August 31st, 2018)

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Use of pump
I also bought these pumps 10+ to repair some Keurig K-cup coffee units as well as some R/D projects. I never received a defective one but did receive one that I thought was a little too scruffy. mpja.com replaced it for me. P/S it worked ok it was a visual thing.
- Handy Andy, MI
Its a cute little 12v pump
I only see 5 psi, but its quiet and very low current. The one I got will start at 5v, and build a psi or so at 6v. It draws 50ma at 13v, and 100ma at full pressure.
Bob Dob
Keurig pump
I bought several of these to repair Keurig K-cup coffee makers. This air pump is used in many Keurig models to push the hot water thru the K-cup while brewing.
- Kerry, IL
Paul Z
I ordered eight more of these. All of them work and all are below 40ma with no load. These are a real bargain compared to the same pump used on other web sites.
Quiet solid
I ordered one pump for a review. It measured at 10 PSI. I will use it to activate small cylinders in a robot hand. I ordered ten more based on my evaluation.
- Paul Mattaboni, AZ
30ma not 300ma
I ordered three and all work. I tested all three and with no load back pressure they consume 34ma, not 300ma as advertised. This makes them ideal for battery operation. Two of my pumps will serve as a redundant, automatic, emergency air supply for my 170 gal aquarium with 2,000+ guppies. With a 65 AHr deep cycle battery, the emergency air supply will run for many days. The bracket is awkward to use without some additional method of holding the pump in place.
- Paul Z, NH
Used parts
Out of the 4 that I ordered only 2 worked. However, for $5 you can loose a few. Cost more the send the 2 back than they are worth. The lowest price I could find other places was $20 on sale. Perhaps MPJA should screen them.