Adapter Power Supplies


Adapter Power Supplies are also known as "Brick", "Desk Wart" and "Floor" supplies. Adapter Power Supplies offer higher power output that can exceed 200W in a consumer friendly package. Most are Switching Power Supplies but there are a few linear units in use. Adapter Power Supplies are a general class of power supply that provides power for portable TVs, Toys, musical instruments, printers, routers, hubs, electronic signage and many other uses. Higher power units are used with laptops and notebooks requiring power to operate and charge batteries at same time. These Adapter Supplies are available in both single or multiple outputs in a compact, portable package. An Adapter Switching Power Supply rectifies & filters the incoming AC line voltage, then switches the resultant High DC Voltage at a high "on/off", variable frequency to reduce the size & weight of components such as transformers & capacitors, lowering heat, weight, size & cost. These supplies provide an output Voltage that remains close to rating; usually within 1% or better over the load range. Drawing almost no power when not loaded, switching Desktop supplies are one the most used type in order to reduce wasted energy costs. Their usual wide input range of 90-240VAC and the use of an Input connector that is usually one of 3 IEC designs for international cordsets, C-7 (2 Wire) C-5 (3 Wire "Mouse Ears") and most popular the C-13 (3 Blade). IEC Cordsets allow the use of the supply in many countries by only providing the proper cord for that country. There are many output cord options from bare leads to just about any connector design. Adapter Power Supplies, Laptop Power Supply We carry many voltage and current variations of Adapter Power Supplies. You will surely find the Adapter Power Supply for your application. Adapter Power Supply, Desktop Power Supply, Laptop Supply