1000 Lumen 10 Watt Super Bright, Warm White LED

1000 Lumen 10 Watt Super Bright, Warm White LED
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Detailed Description

2800-3500 warm white Super Bright 10W LED.
Max forward current 900mA continuous,
9-10VDC Forward voltage drop.
140deg. View angle.
5V max reverse Voltage.
5mm X 6mm Beam leads
SQ: 20mm H: 3.5mm WT: .009

California Proposition 65 Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Chromium which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects and/or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Energy efficient light for the RV space
Power and lighting is always a concern for the RVer if you dont always connect to land power. The generator is an option but if others are around you, the sound will limit the operational times. -- My RV has a 50 watt solar panel that keeps the house battery charged during storage times. -- My lighting has evolved from watt busting florescent to a string of more efficient but still,NOT the best LED lights. -- I built 4 wall lights, each with one of these Superbright ww LED facing up, and one facing down. I use a 5 ohm 100 watt resistor and a dimmer for ambience. The fixture is metal, open at the top and bottom so only reflected light is seen. The top light reflects off of a almost white ceiling and the switch options are UP / DOWN / BOTH / OFF. -- There is also a fixture in the center of 2 windows with two of these LEDs facing down to light the tables. THE LIGHT that these LEDs put out is very good, equal to the original florescent lamps and the 50 watt solar panel has no problem keeping up with the small amount of power consumed to light them. ---- The Warm White color gives the wood a warm look, not the cold bluish look of Cold White leds...... -- I ran the lights for a month, 24/7 to test the lighting sustainability and it never failed. The affect on the battery is not a concern. --The 5 ohm 100 watt resistor holds the voltage to the LED at 9v dc which is very close to full brightness and the DIMMER allows for an ambience that the original lights never had. -- This was a very good project and a great upgrade to the lighting inside this RV.
1000 Lumen 10 Watt Super Bright, Warm White LED
I can not share complete agreement with the other reviews. I find these LEDs to produce a very yellow output. The 2800-3000K color temp in the specs must be wrong. Although I do not have a spectraphotometer or a color meter, I do have a DSLR and a Macbeth color chart. Even with my DSLR set to a white balance of 2500K I still could not get a neutral color balance. That said I did buy 24 of these for a retrofit of sailboat cabin lighting. My friend wanted to upgrade to LED lighting because of the power savings, vibration resistance, and longevity but was put off by the high blue output of nearly all white LEDs. This blue output can really destroy your night vision. Not a good thing if you have to scamper fast on deck to deal with humpback whales or mostly submerged cargo containers full of tennis shoes. These LEDs with the integral heat sink were so easy to use and implement into the sailboat aluminum frame I couldnt believe it. Since the original lighting was current controlled even the electrical side was simple. I would have taken off a few stars for the color temp issue, however since they do have applications where they excel I had to give them 5 stars. In my friends application too yellow was much more preferable than too blue.
Jim F.
Works great but specs are off
The specs say 10 V drop. The ones i bought actually measured 9 Volts. If you purchase their drivers, you will not know the difference. If you make your own lights with dropping resistors, you need to add more resistance. Works great! I have 3 replacing a 175 Watt mercury vapor light outside. I will get more.
- Grover Richardson, GA
10W on pulsed mode
Wired a couple of these in series with 1 ohm resistors, replacing 12v turn signal bulbs. On finned sinks. Baby, when these pulse on-no-one can overlook Im going to turn. Amazing optical output for the money.
Portable work light
I mounted 2 of these leds in series to a piece of aluminum for cooling. I power it with my Makita 18v tool battery. WOW it makes a great work light!!!
- David Sudduth, MO

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