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12 Volt 1.5A DC Plug Power Supply. OEM
Item #: 34297 PS
3 Volt DC Plug Power Supply, 1A, Phihong
Item #: 34490 PS
12VDC. 3-1/8 (80mm) Square X 1" (25mm) Box Fan NMB
Item #: 34550 FN
12V Mini Lamp
Item #: 34533 LA
5.5/2.1mm Coaxial Jack to USB Micro B Male Adapter
Item #: 34360 PL
Pocket Sudoku Game
Item #: 34482 MI
40% OFF
12 Volt DC Adapter Power Supply, 1A, Cisco
Item #: 33381 PS
$4.95  Sale: $2.95 
40% OFF
2KVA 0-130VAC Variable Autotransformer, Analog Meter
Item #: 31015 TR
$99.95  Sale: $59.95 
limited availability - order soon!
"Z" Axis CNC/3D Printer Motor Assembly 150mm
Item #: 34344 MI
128 X 64 Dot Matrix LCD Display, White on Blue
Item #: 34348 OP
16 SPDT Relay Module for Microcontrollers
Item #: 34349 MP
Power Cord, 5ft. NEMA 5P to Pigtail
Item #: 34469 WI
Cigarette Lighter Plug Coil Cord, Center NEGATIVE Coaxial Plug
Item #: 34321 CB
Keypad X/Y Matrix 16 Button
Item #: 34463 SW
Frequency Meter. 8Digit. 100KHz-2.4Ghz
Item #: 34112 TE
12VDC Mechanical Buzzer
Item #: 34104 SU
Test Leads, 36" Banana to Mini Clip. Pair
Item #: 34440 TE
12 Volt Adapter Power Supply, 3A
Item #: 34445 PS
2390 Tie Point Powered Breadboard 2 meters
Item #: 32920 TE
Remote Control, Wireless 4 Channel
Item #: 32970 MI
Stepmotor Simple Controller
Item #: 34114 MS
SPDT Heavy Duty Snap Switch, 15A
Item #: 34464 SW
5 Volt DC Plug Power Supply, 4A, Regulated
Item #: 18520 PS
500mm CNC-3D Printer Mechanical Starting Kit
Item #: 34261 LK
Stepper Motor, 41/1 Gearhead 12V
Item #: 34480 MS
5in. 7 Segment LED Common Cathode Display, Red
Item #: 34491 OP

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