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Switches, Electronic

When we say Electronic Switches we are speaking of those types of switches found in or on electronic equipment such as power supplies, amplifiers test equipment and electrical panels; not those used in your home or office power line. We stock Electronic Switches in Micro, Mini and Full size Toggle, Pushbutton, Keypads, Snap action, Foot, Rocker and more. Some Rocker, Push Button & Toggle Electronic Switches are available lighted. The following are things you need to know about our Electronic Switches. These Electronic Switches can have a variety of Terminals (connections to switch) such as Screw, Solder, Quick connect, Printed Circuit Board and Wire leads. The Contact/Contact Set is the internal moving & fixed parts that open/close the circuit. The Actuator is the handle in a toggle, the button in a Push Button, button, arm or leaver on a Snap and the shaft on a Rotary. Some basic definitions used are SP meaning Single Pole, 1 contact set for a single circuit, DP meaning Double Pole, 2 contact sets, for 2 circuits. 3P meaning 3Pole, 3 contact sets, etc. ST meaning Single Throw, the switch is closed or open, ON or OFF, 2 actuator positions shown as ON/OFF. DT meaning Double Throw, Switch has a common that alternates between 2 other contacts, 1 on, other off, 2 actuator positions shown as ON/ON or ON/NONE/ON where NONE means exactly that. A DT Center OFF Switch has a common that connects between 2 other contacts, 1 on other off, except now there is a center position where both contacts are Open with 3 actuator positions shown as ON/OFF/ON. A Momentary Electronic Switch has the above actions except the stated contact function is maintained as long as actuator is held. When released, actuator returns to the Rest position. A Micro Toggle switch is a small switch that fits in a 1/8 mounting hole, A Mini toggle is a bit larger and fits a #10 or a 1/4in Hole. A full Toggle is much larger & fits a 11/16 hole. Rocker Electronic Switches is very similar to Toggle type Electronic Switches where the actuator is shorter and moved by the rocking action of the button & bracket. Pushbutton Electronic switches have two types; Momentary where the action only occurs when actuator is pressed; and Alternate Action where the contacts are maintained until pressed again. Pushbutton switches are available in Single & multiple Poles but are limited to two throws. The most common is the NO contact as in SPST-NO or DPST-NO. These are like a doorbell switch. The NC contact type is like the one found in your refrigerator light. Keypads are essentially a matrix of Normally Open Push Button switches. By pressing a button, a contact is closed across a pair on terminals. The Rotary or Selector Electronic Switches are available as; Cam actuated or wafer contacts. Cam type Electronic Switches are usually found in Switch Boards, Motor controls and have a metal or plastic shaft with cam(s) with notches or lobes that activate the metal contacts. Poles are based on type & rating of contact and the number of cams involved. Rotary type Electronic Switches are made up of 1 or more insulated Wafers called Decks with contacts attached. Outer contacts are fixed while the inner contacts are keyed to a rotating shaft. As the shaft is turned; the movable contacts rotate into & out connection to the fixed contact. Wafer Electronic Switches generally have up to 12 available contacts although there are larger & smaller units. Each wafer can be made in combinations as 1X12(1 Pole/12 throw); 2X6 (2 Pole/6Throw); 3X4 (3 Pole); 4X3(4 Pole). Switches can have multiple wafers hence many pole & throw combinations. HEX, BCD and other Coded Electronic Switches are really a form of multi pole rotary switch where the contacts are internally wired to form a digital representation of the switch position. Electronic Switches, Industrial Switches You are sure to find the Electronic Switch you are looking for. We offer great pricing on our full line of Industrial Switches. Electronic Switches, Industrial Switches

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